Top 5 Work At Home Success Posts of 2013


Work-At-Home Success is getting ready to celebrate 16 years online! Before beginning the next chapter, I thought it would be fun to see what was popular during WAHS’s 15th year. Here are the top posts of 2013.

Top Five Posts

  1. Scam Alert: Preston Lord Enterprises – Of all the articles and news I’ve posted this year, the Preston Lord scam alert is the most read post. It is also the post I’ve received the most comments and email about. I’m glad that people who are receiving the Preston Lord mailing are doing their research and finding the post so they can avoid losing money.
  2. FlexJobs: A Review – The top two posts of the year are “review” type posts, which says to me that people are doing their homework before investing money in working at home. This pleases me because research is the key to staying safe from scams.
  3. No Cost Work-At-Home Jobs – The most popular posts and pages at WAHS have to do with work-at-home jobs. This post in which I answer a question about whether or not jobs can be had for no money (the answer is yes), is a top choice by WAHS visitors.
  4. Work From Home Job Search – This is a long time running post at WAHS, but is still popular for showing readers how to find jobs plus a few resources to search on.
  5. 24 Microworker Sites to Make Money – This post isn’t even a month old yet and it’s the number five most read post at WAHS. It makes me wish I posted it earlier.

Top Five WAHS Resources Overall

Work-At-Home Success is divided into pages that provide evergreen content and posts that are published almost daily. Below are the top five most viewed features (pages and posts) overall at WAHS.

  1. Work-At-Home Job Posts – It’s no surprise that the number one accessed resource on WAHS is the list of most recent job posts on WAHS!
  2. Companies with Telecommuting Programs – I understand why this page ranks high, but I wish it didn’t. Having a list of companies can be helpful in showing a boss that telecommuting exists, but a list like this is little use to job seekers. It’s like using the Yellow Pages to find a job; sure it lists companies, but it doesn’t mean they’re offering jobs.
  3. Scam Alert: Preston Lord Enterprises – Even when added to all other resources on the site, the Preston Lord scam alert ranks high.
  4. Work-At-Home Jobs – I’m glad to see this page ranking in the top five. It’s important to me that readers get the information they need to make informed decisions about work-at-home jobs. This page provides a list of important articles on WAHS about work-at-home jobs.
  5. Get Started – Although I’d like to see this feature rank a little higher (like number 1), I’m glad to see it makes the top five. This page provides an overview of what you need to know about working at home so you can stay safe and find the right option for you.

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