Turn Your Skills or Hobby Into Income


Too many people who want to work at home search the Internet for a program that is fast and profitable. Unfortunately, that method is the best way to get scammed and end up disappointed. The very best way to find a work-at-home job, home business or make money online is by tapping skills and interests you already have. When I mention this, I sometimes get the response “That works for others, but not for me. I don’t have skills, education… etc” But unless you live under a rock, you have something within you already that you can use to work at home. In fact, if you live under a rock, I bet that could be turned into a money-making blog, “Life Under the Rock”. The point is, don’t underestimate the assets you already have.

Here are some tips to taking your skills and hobbies and turning them into income.

1) List your skills from jobs and volunteer experience.

2) List your education and training. Include all training, such as CPR. If you’ve taken a course, credit or no-credit, write it down.

3) List your hobbies and passions. Do you love puppies? Write it down. Do you like to fix up old cars? Write it down.

There are three basic ways to make money: Sell your skill (as in a job or freelance work), sell stuff and sell your knowledge. To find a work-at-home option that fits knowledge or experience you have, take an item from one of your lists above and figure out how you can sell it as a skill, product or information. For example, lets say you worked as an office assistant. You can get a virtual assistant job or start a virtual assistant business. You can start an online store selling office support equipment. Or you can teach others to be virtual support staff through coaching or information products, such as books. Below you’ll see grids of Administrative support skills, teacher and cake decorating showing how each can be used to make money by selling your skill, stuff or knowledge.

Administrative Support Skills

Sell Skill Sell Product Sell Knowledge
Virtual Assistant Job

Virtual Assistant Business


Office Support Equipment Books on how to be a virtual assistant

Books/courses on using specific VA tools


Sell Skill Sell Product Sell Knowledge
Tutor/Teaching Job

Tutor Business

Teaching Supplies

Educational Supplies

Books/course for teachers

Books/course to help parents support their child’s education


Cake Decorating

Sell Skill Sell Product Sell Knowledge
Cake Making Service Cake Decorating Supplies Books/Videos on how to decorate a cake.

Take items from your list, create a grid like the ones above and see what you can come up with. Choose items from your list that you enjoy the most. If you’re going to create a home-based career, you might as well choose something you like to do.

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