Using Pinterest to Get a Work-At-Home Job


The newest big social media site is Pinterest, a visual social network that involves pinning pictures as opposed to updating a status. Pinterest users create “boards” onto which they “pin” pictures representing the theme of the board.

Using Pinterest in your job search not only shows creativity and ingenuity, but also it will help you stand out from the crowd. While Pinterest is ideal for people who want a job that involves visual creations such as graphic or web design, with a little creativity, anyone can use Pinterest to help them get a work-at-home job.

Here are some tips for using Pinterest to help you get a work-at-home job.

1. Pin your work experience. Find visual representations of your work, create a board called “Portfolio” or “Work Experience” and pin images of your work. Be sure to use the text area to elaborate on your pins such as adding how long you did the work, for what company or specific duties of the work.

2. Pin your education. Create a board for places you’ve received an education or training. In the text area, provide information about the course of study, degree earned and other information about your education.

3. Pin your goals. If you know what companies you’d like to work for, pin them. Or, if you know the type of company you’d like to work for, pin that.

4. Pin you. Create a board that helps employers know about you. Add pins that would let them know why they should hire you and what do you stand for.

5. Connect with companies. Once you’ve created your boards, seek out connections with companies on Pinterest. While these companies my not hire you, the networking aspect can help you reach more people, just as it does through other social media sites like LinkedIn. When you find companies that are interesting, follow them and re-pin images that fit your profile.

6. Follow job related Pinterest boards. Many job support sites have Pinterest boards that can provide you with information and can be a source for networking.

Pinterest is a great addition to your work-at-home job search. It adds a creative and visual dimension to other resume-type efforts such as LinkedIn or a blog. It shows creativity and an ability to learn and adapt to new technology.

Visit Pinterest to learn more and request an invite.

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