WAHS Is 20 Years Old! Free WAH Jobs & More to Celebrate


Late in 1997, I noticed a feature of Microsoft Publisher was the ability to make a website. So, on a whim, I created a website, figured out how to buy a domain and hosting, and in January of 1998, Work-At-Home Success was born.

Twenty years later, the site is bigger and better than ever (okay…so I’m a little biased). What’s amazing to me is how much that has changed since then….

  • In January 1998, neither Google nor PayPal existed, and people were still wondering how Amazon was ever going to make money.
  • Ecommerce was available only to those that had the money and tech know-how to build shopping carts and integrate them with a merchant account.
  • Although Constant Contact was around, newsletter/email marketing was yet to become a business standard (Aweber and Get Response were started in 1998 and 1999 respectively).
  • Six Degrees, usernets, and message boards were the only form of social networking.
  • While eBay and Amazon’s Associates program were running by 1998, home based and online income were still fairly limited.
  • Work-at-home jobs were scarce and mostly in tech or writing fields.

Fortunately, today, home career options abound, including work-at-home job opportunities.

As a thank you to all of you who have helped make Work-At-Home Success a success, for the next three days (January 1-3, 2018),  I’m giving away Online Jobs Resource for free.  It’s a Kindle Book, but you don’t need a Kindle to read it. You can get the Kindle app free for your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Don’t wait, get your free copy of The Online Job Resource now.

In The Online Job Resource, I cut out everything but the nitty-gritty tips and resources to give you:
– The Basics of Finding a Work-At-Home Job
– Three Steps to Getting a Work-At-Home Job
– Avoid a Work-At-Home Job Scam
– Cyber-Resumes for Work-At-Home Jobs
– Sources for Work-At-Home Jobs
– Companies that Accept Applications for Contract Workers

Most people fail to find legitimate work-at-home jobs because they look for the wrong types of work in the wrong places. The Online Job Resource gives you the information you need to know about telecommuting jobs and over 400 resources for finding legitimate home-based employment.

The Online Job Resource includes hyperlinks to the resources so you can access job sources right from the book.

The free offer ends January 3, 2018, so go grab your copy of The Online Job Resource now and start applying to work-at-home jobs!

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