WAHS Podcast #100 Career Counselor Michaela Sibanda


Enter to win a free copy of The Work-At-Home Success Bible and other gifts to celebrate the 100th episode of the WAHS Podcast! I’ll be giving away:
– 2 Signed copies of the Work-At-Home Success Bible
– 5 Copies of the Jobs Online Toolkit
– 1 Free 30 minute coaching session.

To be a winner, simply submit a comment on this post. I’d love to hear feedback or suggestions. Be sure to include your e-mail when you post your comment. Your e-mail will NOT be posted on the blog, but will be accessible to me from the admin area so I can contact you if you win.

Entries will be accepted until July 22nd and the winner will be notified on July 23, 2010.

This week we celebrate WAHS Podcast’s 100th episode! Plus I interview Michaela Sibanda of PassionateProfitableMoms.com.

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Resources Mentioned On the Show

Passionate Profitable Moms
Profitting From Your Passions Coaching Program – Become a Career Coach
Changing Course

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  2. Omega says

    I really enyoyed the information from the show, which gave me insight that I too can do this with my experiance in social services and counselling skills as I really enjoy helping people. Thanks Leslie I think this may be my way to come home.

    1. LTruex says

      Glad you found it helpful! I think coaching is a great option for people with social work backgrounds! Keep me posted on how it goes.

  3. Cheryl Decker says

    I feel that all of the shows were very important. Me being a disabled person have the time and energy the check through everything. You would not believe how many typing errors are noted in a lot of information. If need be I would be glad to help in the capacity of a volunteer person to understand all that is being sent to everything. I really enjoy the bible, but anything if I do win would be appreciated.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Cheryl, Thank you for your post. I do see jobs as proofreaders if you have experience and skills in that. Good luck.

  4. Drew Steckley says

    I’ve had some promising job prospects thanks to your newsletter. keep up the good work.HUCM

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Drew! I’m glad to hear you’ve found the newsletter helpful!

  5. matt says

    This site is great. Thanks Leslie!

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Matt!!

  6. Regina says

    Career coaching is definitely a popular niche right – thank you for this informative session!

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Regina for commenting. And I like your blog! Thanks again.

  7. Sharon Walling says

    I enjoyed the podcast. I’ve been wanting to work at home for a 2nd income for quite awhile, and I have not been able to find something that wasn’t a scam. I’m hoping that I’m one of the lucky winners.


    1. LTruex says

      Hi Sharon, thank you for your comment. As I mentioned in a comment above, I find that if people are finding only scams, they are looking for the wrong type of work in the wrong places. Too often people focus on “what can I sign up to do from home that’s fast and easy,” which will nearly always lead you to scams. Instead focus on your skills and interests. Nearly every work-at-home success story I share on the podcast is about someone taking what they knew or loved and turned it into money. It takes time and effort and faith, but it can happen. Thank you again.

  8. Susan Hollingshead says

    I am desperate for an online job. MY husband has a rare form of cancer , we live in a very rural area, and I need an income,
    I ve found a lot of valuabloe info on your site, but NO luck so far with a reasonably paying job

    1. LTruex says

      I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, Susan. The stress of that plus looking to work at home must be difficult. Have you run the numbers about what it cost to work at home? Depending on the work you’re looking to do, some work-at-home options don’t pay as well, but often you have less expenses when you work at home. Focus on your skills and don’t be afraid to network locally. My last work-at-home job I got simply by sending out a letter of inquiry to agencies in my state. Thank you for your comment. Good luck!

  9. Deb says

    So far have not been able to find legitimate work at home projects. Checked out hundreds, will keep checking but doesn’t look promising at this point. Here’s hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Deb. Try to stay positive. I know it sounds like a bunch of woo woo, but a positive attitude is helpful so that you can know when something good is in your path. If you’re finding only scams, you may want to evaluate what you’re trying to do. I find that when people only run into scams, they are often looking for the wrong type of work. Focus on your skills and interests. Nearly everyone I’ve ever interviewed on my podcast has used something they already know or love to do. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Marie Stopa says

    HI Leslie
    First You have one of the greatest websites around!!! your information is priceless…I have your work at home success bible..Its an awesome book…I just need direction..i seem to just run in circles! I am single mom of 4 kids…I would love to be able to work from home..I have so health problems so it would be more than wonderful to do that! and the career coaching is a great idea…I had spoken to Michaela and was going to sign up for her services..however I wound up in the hospital…then my unemployment was cut…but I recommend her services to all…even the career coaching seems like a great career…I love to help people..lol.
    thanks for all your hard work, Leslie
    btw…your link resources mentioned on the show..the first one…passionate profitable mommies doesnt work

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Marie – Information overload and finding time are two big challenges to working at home. And with 4 kids…that is a challenge. But I know it can be done. I’ve interviewed several single moms and moms with four or more kids who work at home. And thanks for letting me know about the link. I’ll fix it asap. Thanks again.

  11. Arlene Gallagher says

    The Work-At-Home-Success website has a goldmine of information. The Scams, the opportunities, all the programs listed… the resources… what a tremendous help this has been for me in my search for work at home jobs/businesses. I can only say Thank You for the help!!!

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Arlene for your comments. I’m so glad that you find the site helpful. I wish luck in your search. Thanks again.

  12. Sylvia R. Hawkins says

    I think your website is informative, very helpful and I’ve gotten a couple of assembly jobs from your work at home bible.

    Thank you;


    1. LTruex says

      Hi Sylvia, thanks for your comment. I didn’t mention assembly jobs in my book as I very rarely find good ones. But I’m glad that you found something that is working for you. Thanks again.

  13. Shirley Maisonet says

    I have heard about career coaching in the past, but never had a full understanding of what the job entailed. It provided helpful information and good tips. I love the way Leslie asked questions as if asked by a live audience. The responses provided great insight.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Shirley for your comment. I’m glad the show cleared up your ideas about career coaching. Coaching in all forms is very popular these days and a great choice for people who want to help others. Thanks again.

  14. Kathy says

    Thanks for this website. It is helpful for those of us looking for a better way in this recession. The variety is good. It helps too to have some one weed out the scams.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you for your comment Kathy. I’m glad you find the site helpful. Weeding the good from the bad is a challenge especially in hard times. Thanks again.

  15. Vicky Anderson says

    Hello Leslie, I am not a Mom, but a 65 year old Granny, and I am looking to supplement the Social Security that I receive. I have been widowed for five years and am also disabled. It not convienent to take an outside job. So I am hoping that I get some great ideas.

    Listening to the views today, I have already thought of some ideas that would include my four dogs and one other that has moved into the clan. Their total weight exceeds 450 pounds! I have really enjoyed the po cast and looking forward to listening to your other ones that you have available.

    I plan to visit the web sites mentioned today. Please tell Mekela that I certainly enjoyed her interview. I would dearly love to receive your information that you are giving away. The bible and the toolkit sound as if they are exactly what I need to start my home success.

    Congrats on your 100th Podcast. Wishing you many more to come.

    Happy I found your site.

    Thank you again
    Vicky Anderson

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Vicky for your comment. I’m pleased that you’re finding the site and podcast helpful. Keep looking for those great ideas…and be sure to take the next step which is to implement them.

  16. David Armstrong says

    Leslie, I have tried other websites and yours is the best hands down. There are none that are even close to yours.
    Thanks and God Bless to you,your family and in all you do.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you David! I appreciate your praise and am glad you find the site helpful.

  17. Gracie says

    Hi Leslie,
    I am so glad to have found your website. In these tough times, some are taking advantage of people trying to find legitimate work at home opportunities, but you are doing just the opposite; helping people find real jobs and steer clear of scams. Thank you for doing what you do!

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you so much Gracie for sharing your comment. I’m glad that you find the site helpful!

  18. Sharon N. Miott says

    I’m really excited about the work at home opportunities out there. The possiblities are endless if you know what you’re looking for.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Sharon, Thanks for the comment. And you’re right…there are tons and tons of options, but it takes understanding what work at home is (and isn’t) and making a plan. Thanks again.

  19. Melanie says

    The info in your website is great and helpful.Lot’s of jobs too.But too bad, not as much for asian countries though.
    Hope to get one work-at-home job soon.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Melanie, Thank you for your comment. Have you tried to search job sites that focus on Asian countries? My experience is that the US, Canada and the UK have the most work-at-home jobs, but that is changing. Keep up the search. Thanks again.

  20. Patty says

    Hello. I am in desperate need of a work from home job. I am having back problems and cannot work in my factory anymore. I am fairly new to your site, but what I have seen so far seems very helpful. The job descriptions are very helpful including the experience needed and the locations. I totally appreciate your sight and am hopeful that something will come my way soon. Thank you very much.


    1. LTruex says

      Hi Patty and welcome. I’m glad you found the site and have begun to use it to help you on your quest. Thank you for your comment.

  21. Christine says

    I’ll be honest with you. I am not placing this comment for myself. We have a close family friend who is handicapped, but, who held a good job for twenty-five years with the same company. They let him go for messing up an order. After over a year and a half of looking the best that he can find is a one-day-a-week sales job. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge, plus a great personality. If chosen I’ll be sending Mike the gift.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Christine. What a wonderful gift you’re planning for Mike. Good luck!!

  22. Adrienne says

    Thank you for your website and newsletter. Your site is the only one that I have found to be sincere and trustworthy with genuine information. Other work at home internet sites are scams and hype without any substance. May all the good work that you do for others be returned to you!

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Adrienne, Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you’re finding value in the site. I know its hard to navigate the work-at-home world. Thanks again.

  23. Arlene Spencer says

    I love what you are doing and what you are about. When I started working online my uncle always told me when starting your own business keep it simple and he has several businesses. I would like to use your site to pass those words of thought to your readers and you. Thanks!!

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Arlene, Thank you for your comment. You’re right in that we often make things harder than they have to be. My experience is that you need to have a plan and take things step-by-step. Thank you again.

  24. Andrew Repin says

    YES, Leslie, it’s great to have a web-site focused on the work-at-home theme and all essential related aspects. Since you are interested in what I think, let me speak My Mind.

    I think the site would benefit greatly if you expanded your reach and deviated from topics dedicated mostly to moms to such area of work-at-home activity as Internet Trading and, more specifically, Forex Trading from home. It might be a move to attract more stay-at-home dads 🙂

    Otherwise, I want to wish you further succcess with your business.


    1. LTruex says

      Hi Andrew, Thank you for you comment. While the logo has a mom in it and I am a mom, the site is geared to anyone who wants to work at home. I haven’t gone into trading or Forex as I see those as financial activities and separate from working at home. While people can make money at it, so can they to at investing in stocks, but its not my area of expertise. I will work on being more approachable to me though as I do try to gear the site to anyone of all ages and stages. Thanks again.

  25. Joyce Harrell says

    You are doing a GREAT service here. I wish you great success! I am an out of the box type of nurse, and looking forward to being successful myself. I have your book, and you have done a great job with this. Thank you for all your hard work. I would LOVE to win your Toolkit! to help me as a nurse.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Joyce! Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site and the book! Thanks again.

  26. Mark Mitchell says

    Great work , you are helping many Thanks

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you so much Mark!

  27. Dawn says

    I have found that you and your site have been very helpful to me as I am sure it has been to many others. Thank you for all the help you and your information have supplied to myself as I am sure it has others.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you for your comment Dawn. I’m glad you’re finding the site useful.

  28. Hermine says

    Hi Leslie!
    i am very thankfull to GOD for this website that been very helpfull to me. i am a mother of 3 and 1 years old, i am a wife and a student too, and ia can’t focus when i think that i am not spending enought time with my family as i should. i dream has always been: being the boss of myself, having a very successful business (online ) where people can sell buy and even find jobs. i am stell looking for way to find grant. DO you know anything about grant and where to apply for them?do you have any advise for me? can men find work at home job from your website or is just for women.
    ounce again thank you for everything and may the LORD JESUS bless you.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Hermine,
      Thank you for your comment. Work-At-Home Success is for anyone and everyone…men, women, old, and young. As far as grants, the best place I know to look is Grants.gov. Grants can be a great way to start a business, but the business needs to be something that is going to help society usually. You can also check with your local SBA or SCORE office to see if they know any grant or business start up assistance. Thanks again.

  29. Roxanne says

    I really like your website. You have so much useful information on it.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you so much Roxanne! I’m glad you find value in the site.

  30. Nancy says

    Hello Leslie,
    Thank you for such an interesting Pod cast. You asked a lot of the questions that I would have asked especially with regards to money and today’s tough economy. I thought the advice on marketing both on line and off line was good.
    I also am an Older Mom and a single one at that. The challenge is a bit trickier
    when one has to also make enough income to pay the mortgage and bills to be able to live. Atleast this is my challenge. Any helpful suggestions ?
    I enjoyed hearing about an out of the box career counselor as I had been looking for one some time ago. Great to know they do indeed exist!
    I liked the info.on going to some other links as well. I hope to check them out soon.
    Thanks again for a great podcast session. This was my first.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Nancy, Thank you for your comment. Time is the big issue for everyone and I suppose even more for a single mom. The trick is to make working at home a priority so that its worked just like the bills are paid and dinner is made. It can mean giving up fun stuff like TV or hobbies for the short term. Or giving up some sleep. Thanks again.

  31. Veve says

    Thank you for creating this site and I appreciate all your hard work.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you for commenting Veve. I appreciate it!

  32. Jared Nyamweya says

    Hi Leslie,

    I have liked your site on how you are providing work at home jobs and business online. They are very attractive and a happy that it is benefiting me so much. This site has become the best for work at home have been looking for and i will inform more to register with your site so that they can benefit too. Congratulation for your effort to make it attractive.


    Jared, Nairobi, Kenya

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Jared! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site!

  33. s says

    Nice work with the site and newsletter. Great information.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you so much S.

  34. Maureen Suggitt says

    Hi Leslie,
    congratulations on your 100th episode. I’ve been following you for years from MI and as a work at home freelancer have enjoyed watching you grow and change along with me and others. You’re always keeping up with times and I can count on your site to provide me with new fresh leads and ideas which have allowed me to be self sufficient working at home since 2005. (which btw is also how long I’ve been following the pj mama)

    this podcast was interesting to me because I am constantly helping others find their niche and steering them away from scams to real job leads. And I’m a huge advocate for everyone following their own path/dreams which many people don’t realize they can do and really make money at home. This coaching seems like a good idea for those who need that ‘hand holding’ or accountability in order to stay motivated.

    keep up the good work Leslie – and please throw my name into the drawing

    1. LTruex says

      Maureen, thank you for being such a long time supporter. And thank you for your comment!!

  35. Marianne says

    Hi Leslie,

    Your site and podcasts helped me feel comfortable signing up for a program that is training me to turn my passion into a business. Without your incite on circumventing scams, my fear of being scammed probably would have stopped me.

    This podcast nicely re-enforced the importance of brainstorming our passions as well as utilizing offline marketing techniques — so key to lifestyle fulfillment=)

    Thank you!

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Marianne, Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you find the show helpful in your quest.

  36. cheryl says

    I love this site. I have looked at other work at home sites but this one has the most and informative information. I truly enjoy it.

  37. Todd Nelson says

    Hi keep up the good work Leslie, I check your results weekly!

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Todd! Thank you for being a regular visitor!

  38. S Couture says

    I think this a great site. Hope all goes well for you. Plan on having my own home business very soon.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Sally for commenting. Good luck on that business of yours!!

  39. Tania says

    Hello Leslie,

    I really enjoy your website would like to thank you for the wealth of wonderful information that is available here. Also, I listened to the podcast with Michaela Sibanda and it was very informative as well. Have a great evening ahead.


    1. LTruex says

      Hi Tania, Thank you for commenting and sharing your feedback. I appreciate it!!

  40. Angel Yako says

    Hi Leslie,

    What a GREAT service you provide! So much great information!! Thank you for the value you offer us…LOVE IT!! I, myself, am looking for something to supplement my income on a part time basis. I have been on your site and find it very educational and useful in my search. Thx again!!


    1. LTruex says

      Hi Angel, Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you’re finding value with the site and podcast. Thanks again.

  41. mollie says

    Good Morning,

    I think this will finally get me started——

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Mollie…thank you so much for your comment. I hope it does finally get you started. Getting starting is one of the hardest steps. Good luck.

  42. jaime villela says

    Congrats on your 100th!!

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Jaime!!

  43. Nancy Jacobs says

    I would love to win a copy of your Work at Home Success Bible. What you do for the work at home mom is wonderful. My favorite element that you do is your podcast. I listen to every one, although sometimes a little late in the game. You really hit the nail on the head when you do your re-cap of what your guest said on the podcast. It just brings it all together. Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you Nancy. I’m so glad you enjoy the site and the podcast. I try to offer the detail people can walk away with and use because that’s what I wanted when I started. Thanks again.

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