WAHS Podcast #201 Miriam Silverberg PR Expert


This week I interview Miriam Silverberg of Miriam Silverberg Associates. Listen here or download. You can get the podcasts through iTunes as well.

Listen here:

Resources listed on the show:
Email Miriam: silverbergm @ mindspring.com
Tel: 212-832-7425

  1. Kendall Blair says


    Can you suggest a reputable pay per post site.

    I’m trying to research but there is always a positive spin that leaves me weary.


    Kendall Blair

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Kendall, I’ve personally tested Sponsored Reviews and was paid with no problem. John Chow uses several and I think has a list in his free report on his site at JohnChow.com. I don’t do much paid per post because many of the request don’t fit my blogs’ market and I don’t want readers to question the content I give them.

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