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Over the last 17 years that I’ve been running Work-At-Home Success, I’ve received thousands of emails. Most are spam. Some are asking advice on a specific work-at-home idea, such as how to get stared at a virtual assistant or how to get hired at home as a bookkeeper. But the vast majority of non-spam email I get is asking one of two questions: How can I work at home typing or data entry for free or is ______ (fill in the blank with a hype-filled work-at-home “program”) legit?

In my years working from home and following work-at-home trends and opportunities, I’ve learned that it’s possible for anyone to work at home. Starting today, you can take action that will have you earning a livable income within weeks, months or maybe a year. However long it takes, it’s possible. Nevertheless, so many people do things on their work-at-home journey that practically insure they’ll never work from home.

If you want to work at home, you have to stop looking for fast, easy and automatic.

You don’t have to look to hard to find people who work from home. If you were to talk to them, you wouldn’t find anyone who stuffs envelopes, processes email, fills in forms, etc, etc, etc. Instead, you’ll find people who provide something of value to others. Employees provide their skills and experience to employers whether it’s in customer service, virtual support, bookkeeping, teaching, nursing, writing, etc. Freelancers provide services to businesses in areas such as virtual support, marketing and PR, writing, bookkeeping and more. Regular folks share their knowledge through blogging or information products. All these people took the same actions as they would have to do these jobs offline. They matched their skills, talents and experiences with work they could do. They wrote a quality resume and searched and applied to jobs. They Created a freelance business or other type of home business.

What they didn’t do is sign-up for something one day and make riches the next doing nothing.

If you want to work at home and are struggling to make it happen, you need to take a serious and honest look at what you’ve been searching to do. If you find yourself on sales pages hyping work-at-home schemes that promise riches for posting ads or sending email, you’re more likely to lose money than make it. Success at working home involves identifying the skills, talents and experiences you have and then finding someone (employer, business, consumer) to pay you for it.

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