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Websites are like cars. Almost everyone uses them, but the majority of us have no idea how to build one. For those who do have that inside knowledge, there are amazing career opportunities in web design. And a good number of them are suitable for telecommuting or as a home-based business.

If you have some interest and skills with higher-level web functions, here are some of the reasons that such a job might be a good fit for you.

Simple Requirements

You won’t need to invest thousands in tools or warehouse space for this enterprise. Yes, you will need a good computer with plenty of storage space and the ability to edit photos and videos. And of course you’ll need a fast, reliable internet connection. But your inventory will all be digital, and your shipping will all be electronic. You won’t have to worry about your business taking over your home and crowding out the guest room. A rather small area can handle the entire enterprise, leaving the rest of your house for normal activities.

Like any home employment arrangement, it won’t erase every workplace hassle. But imagine being told by the cable company “We’ll be there between 12:00 and 3:00” without having to leave the house unlocked or blow four hours of work. Instead, you just continue to work, answer the door when the technician arrives, show him the problem, and then get back to work. Five minutes compared to three hours or more, and that’s on top of managing to work regardless of icy roads, sprained ankles, or car problems.

Cheap Trial & Error

The key to creating a good product is perfecting it through experience and experimentation. That process is very expensive if you’re baking cakes or sewing garments, because your castaway items have little or no value.

Web design is a very different process. There are no costly inputs and there’s no wasting of unusable outputs. Electrons are free. If you don’t like the result, drag it to the recycle bin. The only inputs are your time, hardware, and software, and your time is the only one with a meter on it.

By taking advantage of that cheap rehearsal time, you can hone your skills to a high level and command the best clients–and the best money.

Expert Training 

Now that the field sounds appealing to you, let’s figure out how you’ll learn to do the work. There’s no need to travel cross-country for an education in this enterprise. Just as you can do the work online, you can also get some training online. For advanced digital media education, it is probably best to take in-person web design degree courses.

Nevertheless, if you decide to take online courses, you will have some flexibility in your schedule, and no costs for travel, lodging, meals, and the like. You’ll never wait in line at a cafeteria or get a parking ticket. You’ll eat in your kitchen and park in your driveway, every single day of class.

Studying at home teaches you more than web design. You’re also practicing skills needed to work from home, such as being a self-starter. If you have the discipline to complete quality work on time, you will have proven to yourself that a home-based web design career will work for you.

Telecommuting and home-based businesses aren’t for everyone. There are pitfalls in these types of work just as in any other. But if you’re savvy in both the use of a computer and the management of a business, you could find this type of work to be just what you were born to do.

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