What is Cache and How Do I Empty It and Other Tech Conundrums


Have you ever learned a foreign language? Do you remember the first time you tried it out on a fluent speaker only to realize that you didn’t understand what the speaker said to you in response?

For a long time I had that same experience when I’d ask for tech help with my website. Even today, my web host will send me an email about a server issue with hundreds of lines of code that I don’t speak.

Building a website isn’t too hard, but frequently things go wrong that require asking for help. If you’re a die-hard do-it-yourselfer or don’t have the money to pay for a tech person on your team, that means talking to the tech support people and being able to understand and execute what they tell you to do. Depending on your tech knowledge, that can be daunting.

Over at Home Business About.com, I posted a piece that explains the terms you’re likely to hear and how to solve common website problems. You can read the full article What is the Tech Support Guy Talking About? here:

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