What Is It Really Like to Work From Home?


When I first wanted to work at home, I had this idea I’d have time for my kids, housework, and errands, along with work. The reality of working at home, especially with kids, turned out to be a little different. That along with people not completely understanding that that what I did at home was actually work and necessary for my income, made me think that there are still a lot of misconceptions about working at home. So we asked others who work at home to share their experiences.

Chloe Brittain

Opal Transcription Services 

“If you’re an independent, motivated person and you’re not subject to constant distractions, working at home is the dream come true you might expect. However, if you lack planning skills or self-direction, or if you have difficulty setting boundaries with your family, kids, spouse, neighbors, etc., it can be frustrating and unproductive. Fortunately, these are skills that can be improved on with practice and experience. ”

Joanna Vaiou

SEO Lady Boss 

In Greece where I am based, working from home is still very new and revolutionary.

1. My first big tip is to communicate the reasons why you chose to work from home. This way they can understand more about themselves and if their own reasons are enough to venture out this way. You need to know and communicate the reasons why you want to work remotely. Is it because you are tired of commuting back and forth to and from an office? Is it because you can’t breathe with many other people in the same room or in your cubicle? Or is it because you are an introvert who knows for sure that when working remotely, you are more productive than ever because it is your space, your time, your schedule, your rules?

2. My second big tip is that you need to be great at what you do all the time as it is not common for employers (if you are a remote employee) to trust you without seeing you.

3. My third big tip is that you need to have a great relationship with yourself and be a very dynamic character who can handle the type of loneliness or solitude that comes along with working from home.

Work from home is not for everybody for sure! It takes specific character attributes and great skills. If you can handle the challenges of remote work and can be productive and successful then doing so, is the best work lifestyle way for you and once you are there, there is no turning back!

Joshua Lisec

 The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC 

1. Words matter. Say, I work out of a home *office*, rather than just, I work from home. Add that one little word—office—and family and friends will take you more seriously. In my experience, a few overly curious acquaintances thought I work from home, meant, I’m unemployed.

2. Most people wish they could work from home. You’ll get an unfair share of jealousy-driven remarks when you tell people you work out of a home office. If you want to avoid an unfriendly comeback, add a fun closing to your work at home answer. I work out of a home office, but no, not while I’m in my pajamas!

3. *BONUS TIP*: If you work with your spouse from home, own up to your role! My wife joined me almost seven years into my business, but she always uses the word we to describe Professional Ghostwriting Services. For example, *We *produce international bestselling books for the world’s elite entrepreneurs. This builds up her own confidence. So much more exciting than, Well, my husband does this cool thing, but I just help. Without a supportive spouse, this work at home thing wouldn’t be workable!

Nate Masterson

Maple Holistics

“When some people hear that a person works at home, they imagine the person lounging around the house all day in their pajamas or robe. And this can be incredibly offensive to someone who’s working their butt off while their office just happens to be at the same address as their bedroom. So explain to others that you take your work seriously and that you are still professional no matter where you work. Clarify for them where in your house your office is, what technology you use while working and how you manage your schedule so that others can get a better picture of what your days look like. ”


Note from Leslie

I think people now know that more and more people work at home or in other remote locations, but there is still this idea that the work isn’t as serious, or that the home worker’s day is completely flexible. The truth is, it can be inconvenient to have something pop up when my workday is planned. I worked at home to be with my kids, so when they were sick, I could be there to care for them. But today, sometimes I get calls from family members in the middle of the day because they believe I can stop to talk to them. While this is true, it can interrupt the flow of my work.

The other thing is that a lot of people don’t know how some work-at-home jobs make money. You can say you’re a blogger or infopreneur, or that you coach, but many people don’t know what that means in terms of earning an income.

The trick to working at home successfully is to be:

  1. Organized. Have a routine and a plan.
  2. Strict with your time. Unless it’s urgent, don’t let non-work things take up your time.
  3. Say what you do, not where you do it. When you ask someone a traditional job what they do, they don’t say, “I work outside the home,” so why should you say you work at home, unless it’s a cool thing you want to share. Instead say your job or business. “I’m a writer.” “I’m a blogger.” “I’m an accountant.” Etc.

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