When Fear Stops You from Going after Your Work-at-Home Dreams

When Fear Gets in the Way of Your Work-At-Home Dream

Fear–it happens to the best of us. Well, it happens to all of us, in fact.

And it often rears its ugly head when we’re looking to make a big life change, like starting a work-at-home business.

So how do you cope with it and move on?

Let’s look at some ways to get through it:

What’s the worst that could happen?

One of the first things I suggest that my coaching clients do is ask themselves this question: If I fail at this, what’s the worst that could happen? Take a minute to brainstorm answers to this question. Don’t think really hard about it—just let your thoughts flow.

Then ask yourself: If I succeed, what’s the worst that could happen? Yes, fear of failure truly happens, so taking time to write down your success fears can help you get a handle on things.

Putting all of this info down on paper gets all of the thoughts out of your head. It also helps you to really acknowledge, recognize and identify your fears.

Look at your past

This is, most likely, not the first time in your life that you’ve encountered fear. So think back to your past experiences. How did you deal with and overcome fear in those instances? Is it a process you can repeat to get through things now?

This will help you to identify—and then utilize—your own personal coping mechanisms.

Create goals and celebrate successes

When it comes to starting your own work-at-home business, sometimes the fear comes from being so overwhelmed with where to start, what to do and how to do it all.

Working backwards when looking at your goals can help. For example, look at a big picture goal of where you want to be in one year—or five years from now–with your business. What needs to happen in order for you to get there? Write down all of the steps required. Then start scheduling those action steps into your calendar. As you do that, note some of the milestone steps that are required to achieve your goal.

Each time you complete one of those milestone steps, be sure to celebrate your success. Your celebrations can be big or small, such as going out to dinner, getting a massage or planning a little getaway.

When we celebrate our successes, we acknowledge our achievements. This helps us to feel more accomplished and less afraid.

Be grateful

One of the best ways to overcome your fears and move past them is to practice gratitude. There are so many ways to do this. You can create a gratitude jar, and add slips of paper with gratitude notes each day. You can journal daily and write about things you’re grateful for.

Positive Mindset

Fear often shows up as negative self-talk. When you find that those negative thoughts are coming up for you, first and foremost, be aware and stop them in their tracks. Then take those negative thoughts and see how you can turn them around into positive ones.

Here’s an example. Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m going to fail at this business.” You could turn that around into, “I’m going to succeed because I’ve done my research, I’m prepared and I’m passionate about my business.”

Final thoughts

Fear is a very real part of life. And we often find that, when we face our fears, the outcome isn’t as bad as we thought it would be. We often learn from it, and it makes it easier for us to try new experiences.

So, as you create your work-at-home business, if fear stops you in your tracks, first you want to be aware of it. Then try one of the methods above so that you can break through it and create the business you’ve always wanted.

Alicia Jay About Alicia Jay
Alicia Jay is a virtual assistant mentor who shares tips, inspiration and resources, encouraging women to follow their dreams of having a business that works around their lives—not the other way around. You can find more from her at newVAadvice.com.

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