When You’re Bored Working From Home, Do These 10 Productive Things


Even the most exciting job can go stale after a while, and at first we don’t even notice. We start a new job with enthusiasm, we learn new things, meet new people, and do new tasks. Once we get comfortable we often switch to autopilot, following the same comfortable daily routines and end up bored. It doesn’t happen over night. Instead it’s gradual, and this is why we often fail to spot it.

But what if you don’t want to change jobs yet or if boredom kicks in earlier than expected? Here are tips to help keep the spark in your work:

1.Stop the autopilot.     It is really important that, from-time-to-time, we take an outsider’s perspective of our job and career. If you looked in on yourself, your job and your career, what do you see? What would others see if they looked objectively? Removing yourself for a little while from the daily routine and looking at everything with an objective mind will help you find things you could change.

2.  Do new tasks. Make the existing duties a little different. Maybe you could broaden your areas of responsibility, take on different tasks.

3.  Learn something new. A great way to fight boredom is to study a new and exciting thing related to your job. Have a look at what’s new and exciting in your area of work and start studying it. You might even find a course to take. Building skills is not only good for killing boredom, but also a sound career investment.

4.   Eliminate concerns. Are you worried about something? Is that concern getting in the way of your productivity? Deal with the problems that are keeping you from spending your time as well as you should. Examples include double-checking your schedule and sending follow-up emails. By removing all of your stressors, you’ll be more productive.

5.   Stay informed. When you’re bored is an opportune time to learn. Productive things to do when bored might be to read how-to books or watch YouTube tutorials.

6.    Work on your physical health. If you don’t have a lot of energy to do something mental, get moving. Some physical activities that can boost mood and alleviate boredom include running, walking, biking and lifting weights. Any kind of exercise is likely to free you from boredom.

7.     Work on your emotional health. Is there a personal issue that’s making it hard for you to be interested in anything? If so, address it. You’ll find productivity a whole lot easier.

8.    Get a pet or have an area for your pet in your office. If you have a pet, set up a special area for them, such as their own cushion or window sill where they can join you. Pet therapy sounds strange, but is proven to help people improve their mood.

9.     Laugh – and laugh often. Watch YouTube Videos that make you giggle, read cartoons or call a client or friend who entertains you.

10.   Make sure you balance work and life. I know work is a big part of life but it should never take over your life. Make sure you leave enough time for friends, partners, children, your hobbies, etc. Boredom often sets in because we have no balance. Getting fit is another great way to counter-balance the stress of work.

So now next time you are bored or want to mix it up, check out this list and try something.

Which of these ideas can you do today to ward of boredom?

Love to hear what you think, share your ideas with me.

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