Why Every Home Office Needs A Reliable Printer


Guest post by Stephanie Song

When you decide to take on a work-from-home position, there a few tools you know you are going to need. A phone and a computer are the two most obvious tools. Phones are essential for communication and computers are often used to do the actual work. What about printers? Are they still necessary for work from a home office?

Printers are nearly as essential as the phone or computer itself. Even if it may not seem like your job will require any printing to complete, the printer is still an importation tool. Here are some reasons why printers are essential, as well as how to choose the right printer for your job.

Why Would You Need A Printer?

First, there is always the slight chance you may need to print something specifically for your job. The likelihood of this need arising depends on the nature of your work, but it make more sense to be prepared. Trying to find a place to print your documents away from home can be a real hassle. You might be lucky enough to live near a store that offers printing services for a fee. If that is the case, then you have to stop your work, load the necessary files onto a compatible removable storage drive and then, head to the store with the printer. This takes time and cuts away from your work. Bad news if you are on a tight schedule.

Second, there is the benefit of organization and security. Getting paid to work at home usually means most of your money is transferred online. You might not be mailed receipts or paychecks. This can pose a problem once tax time arrives and you need to organize your financial documents. With a printer, you can print out all of the necessary financial documents as soon as your receive them.

As for security, computers are generally considered secure, but accidents can happen. If your computer is damaged so that it cannot be used again, you could lose all of your important documents, including those financial statements you saved on your computer. A printer allows you to print, organize and store these documents so that they remain safe even if your computer is damaged.

How Do You Choose A Printer?

There are dozens of types and categories of printers. You have traditional wired printers, wireless printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, and printers that are combined with fax machines and copiers. Choosing the particular model you need is a combination of budget, preference and needs.

Do you need to be able to fax or copy documents? Luckily, combination printers are commonplace and do not cost much more than your standard printer. The price difference is so negligible that it is a good idea to consider purchasing one even if you do not necessarily need it for business. They are just good to have available for safe measure.  It is also generally agreed upon that wireless printers are easier to use. Who wants a bunch of wires cluttering up their home office work-space?

The final decision to make is between inkjet or laser printers. Inkjet printers are usually more affordable, but the quality of the print isn’t nearly as clean. If you are just printing text documents, then having a top-of-the-line laser printer is not that important. However, if you are a freelance photographer who likes to print out pictures, then a laser printer will make your work look even better.

No home office is complete without a printer even if you seldom use it. A printer is still a valuable tool to have. It is perfect for printing financial documents, receipts and contracts. Now it’s up to you to decide what sort of printer you need and to find a reliable supplier.


Stephanie Song is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed technophile, who loves keeping up with the latest gadgets and technology. You can check out her site, InkTonerStore.com for all your quality ink and toner cartridge needs.


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