Why Work From Home?


It’s always interesting to see what sparks a person’s desire to leave the rat race to work from home. We asked these experts to share what motivated them to launch their own home based careers. What motivates you to work from home?

Ruben Ugarte

 Practico Analytics 

“The biggest benefit to work from home is the flexibility. If I need to focus, I know my home will be quiet and free of distractions (loud coworkers, meetings, etc). If I need something more social, I can go to a coffee shop or a co-working space. This gives me the best of both worlds and I can schedule them in whatever order I want. ”


 McKinzie Bean

Moms Make Cents 

“I work at home because I wanted the flexibility to be at home with my children. I started my own business which allowed me to work at nights after they went to bed, during naptime etc. It’s great because it allows us to customize our day according to what our family needs. If someone is sick or having an extra hard day I have the ability to switch which days I work and be with them when they need me most. ”

 Jack DeManche

MMI Agency 

1) Opportunity to work remotely- When I was interviewing, we discussed the option for me to work remotely. Rather than heading to a co-working or shared office space, I can work from my home.

2) Willingness to Travel-  To that end, when I’m not working from home, I am traveling for company and client meetings.

3) Home vs. Other Spaces-  I find that working I’m more efficient working from home versus a co-working, shared-office space or public setting. I have an area dedicated to working, stay in constant communication with the team and the flexibility to manage my schedule.

Kristen Youngs

One Bag Nomad 

“Working from home allows me to shut off all distractions — no noise from coworkers, deliveries, conversations, and more. Because of that, my productivity levels have skyrocketed. Of course, working at home could easily push you in the other direction. It’s tempting to spend all day on the couch or in bed when you don’t have to head to the office. To maintain your productivity, you need to form a routine. Get up and make coffee. Get dressed for the day. Set up your work space in a separate area from your living spaces. You don’t have to mimic being in an office, but by creating a work routine at home, you’ll be able to benefit from not having distractions, and really capitalize on your productivity. ”

Zondra Wilson

Blu Skin Care, LLLC

“I work from home because it allows me more time with friends and family. It’s a less stressful environment. My home is very quiet and peaceful. I don’t have to worry about the hectic traffic in LA and the long commutes. I have less distractions at home and I have a positive work versus home balance. ”

Dustyn Ferguson

Dime Will Tell 

“I love working from home for a few main reasons. For starters, there is zero commute. That time that I would have spent on a 30 minute commute each way can now either be put towards more work, or more rejuvenation time. Either way I use it, it’s time I wouldn’t have if I didn’t work from home. It’s also nice to remain comfortable when I want. being comfortable is one of the ways I can ensure I stay focused. If I go out to work and dress up in something that’s more professional but less comfortable, I find my mind slightly less focused. Lastly, it’s a big plus to be able to make my own food. It’s not only much cheaper, but also a lot healthier than getting something on the go. ”

Cynthia Brown

Only Top Reviews 

1) I hate commuting. It is such a waste of time and resources. Seriously, why should I spend an hour or more each day to drive to the other side of the town to do the same work that I can do from home!?

2) I can’t focus in an open office environment. I need my quiet and private space. There are distractions at home too (I’m a mom), but not as many as in the office I used to work at.

Note From Leslie 

I first though about starting a home business round the time I was married. Even then, I knew I wanted to be an at-home mom. I had a few failed attempts, and by the time the kids came around, we couldn’t afford for me to be home. At that time, I started looking for a home-based job. This was the mid-1990’s, when working at home was still fairly rare, and usually involved direct sales.

Fast forward twenty years, my kids are all grown up, so now my desire to work from home comes from a different place. I can’t tell you how much I love the flexibility and freedom that comes from working at home. I can do what I want, when I want, how I want. I can nap and take a long lunch break, something my former employers never allowed. While I may have a client, I have a great deal of flexibility and leeway on how and when I do work. I don’t have to go out when it’s cold, rainy or snowing out. Or I can go work in a java joint if I’m tired of my office.

Working from home also gives me more time to enjoy personal interests. I’ve started writing fiction, taken on new hobbies, and volunteered more.

I’ve had people ask me if I plan to get a “real” job now that my kids are grown, and my answer is always, “Not if I don’t have to.” So far, so good. I continue to do work I enjoy and have my daily nap.

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  1. Anyone, before choosing the work from home option, would surely want to look for its pros and cons. These experts have all the bits of advice you are looking for it. I really like how McKinzie Bean said that work from home lets her customize her day according to her and her family’s situation. And these days, work from home jobs/businesses have expanded their limits to too many job options like blogging, transcription, virtual assistance and many more.

    1. LTruex says

      You’re right about really analyzing a situation before working at home. Too many people jump in without knowing if it will fit their needs and desires. Thank you for commenting.

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