Why Working From Home Is Awesome!


If you’re visiting Work-At-Home Success, you probably don’t need an article on why working at home is great. Odds are you have an idea of the types of perks work from home can offer. Still, there may be some benefits you haven’t considered. Further, if you’re feeling frustrated in your work-at-home journey, and are thinking of giving up, this list might re-ignite your desire to work from home.

Why Working From Home Is Awesome:

  1. Do what you want, when you want, how you want. I love that each day is dictated by how I feel and what I want to do. There isn’t a boss that says I have to be at a certain place at a certain time. And for the most part, I can decide the best way to complete the work.
  2. Pursue a dream career. I didn’t actually set out to be a writer, but now I really love it. Not only can I pursue my goals of writing non-fiction, but working at home affords me the time to do other hobbies and interests such as write fiction and read.
  3. Be available for family and friends. I started working at home to be with my children. I was able to watch them grow, attend their school events and care for them when they were sick without calling a boss and asking for time off. I’ve also been able to help friends when they needed help during the day as well.
  4. Earn what you’re worth. Depending on what you do from home, it’s possible to actually get paid based on the value you deliver, not on what someone decides he wants to pay.
  5. Save money. When I first worked at home, I earned significantly less than I did in my job, but we ended up have more money. Jobs cost money, often more than you think. Plus, by being at home, I was able to find ways to save on things such as groceries and having fun.
  6. Work the schedule that works best. While some work-at-home situations require regular hours, many are flexible. If I don’t feel well or want to sleep in, I can. Or I can get up early, do my work and take the afternoon off. The best part of a flexible schedule is being able to work at my peak energy hours, which isn’t 9-5 (it’s more like 10 to 2).
  7. Sit in traffic less. Not only do I not have a commute to a job, but also, I can shop and take care of errands during non-peak traffic hours, which means I spend less time in the car.
  8. Work attire is optional. In my work-at-home seminars, I often joke that I didn’t wear nylons for years, and now I only do for a wedding. I like working in comfortable clothes like pajamas, sweats, shorts and t-shirts. Others prefer jeans or slacks in a dress shirt. You can wear what ever makes you feel comfortable and productive.
  9. More time for self-care. While it’s easy to gain wait from sitting and eating too much working at home, if you’re conscientious about your health, working at home gives you time to take care of you. You can exercise in the middle of the day, fix healthy meals, meditate or take a nap, talk a walk, and other activities that re-fill your fuel tanks and nurture your creativity.
  10. Create an office that inspires. No cubicles or window-less offices. Working at home allows you set up a comfortable work area that inspires. I like being near a window surrounded by things I love such as Mickey Mouse and motivational quotes. I have a couch for times I’m reading or taking notes.

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