Get Paid! Don’t Work At Home Without a Contract


Getting hired to a work-at-home job is exciting, but before you put in one second of effort, make sure you have a written contract. Written contracts protect you and the employer, plus it ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the work and other details of the job.

Most employers are on the up and up, but without a contract, you’re working without a net and could end up working for free if the employer doesn’t pay. To make sure you get paid (or have legal recourse to sue for payment), get a written contract or agreement that outlines:

1) The job description: What are you required to do? What are the tasks of the job?

2) Your wage or salary, payment methods and payment schedule: What are you going to get paid? When (weekly?) and how (PayPal?) will you get paid?

3) Hours and days you need to work (if its a set schedule): Many work-at-home jobs, especially contract work, don’t have a set schedule. Some have deadlines that require work to be done by a certain time, but it doesn’t matter when you do the work as long as it’s finished by the due date. However some jobs, such as customer service, will have set times you’ll be expected to work.

4) Anything else you or the employer deems important: Some employers will want to know you have childcare arrangements if you’re a parent. Some have non-compete clauses.

When you have a contract or agreement you both agree on, you and your employer need to sign it and each get a copy.

Protect yourself and your income by always getting the terms of your job in writing!

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