Work-At-Home Expert Tips: Creatively Marketing Your Business


Once you have your business up and running, the next step is getting your name out there. This can be a big obstacle for most entrepreneurs, especially since there are so many different ways to market your business. At the same time, you’re competing against so many other businesses for your market’s attention. That’s where creativity can help you cut through the noise and attract your perfect customer or client. Here are a few creative marketing tips from this week’s experts:

Lisa Chu owner of Black N Bianco Kids Apparel has this advice:

One of the most creative and effective ways I market my business is by developing a personal relationship with my customers. Not only do I engage with my target customer base, but I listen to their opinion and use their input to enhance and improve my products and customer service. My business reputation grew in my industry due to satisfied customers, which attracted organic traffic into my business. When our customers know who we are and what we stand for, it erases the faceless business of our company. Creating a shopping experience that is refreshing, attentive and transparent, which builds trust among our target audience. I believe the age of the internet has changed the way companies market their business. Constant spamming of advertisement are slowly dying. Business reputation and transparency are becoming the most critical part to marketing, especially for online businesses.”

Derric Haynie, Head of Growth,  has these tips:

My favorite ways of spreading the word right now are not your traditional social media channels, but instead are the second tier channels. With under 10 hours of work, I’m getting over 400 subscribers a month on Quora. Yes Quora! If your customers are asking questions, then they just might be on Quora. Turns out mine are, but you have to test and see for yourself.

Another one of my favorite channels is, which is a place for marketers to hang out, share content, and collaborate. If you’re marketing to marketers, then you simply have to be there.

And finally, my biggest secret marketing channel is Slack. I’m in 21 Slack groups and get to chat and meet insanely big players in my industry, prospective customers and partners, and we all help each other share and promote our content. Slack has been monumental to my personal and business brands.

Todd Swoope from  has this unique suggestion:

One of the unique marketing efforts I do to increase the SEO and traffic of our site is to post our articles on various social sites, especially Reddit. I’ll go and find a subreddit page that pertains to an article we’ve written, maybe it’s an academic subreddit, and I’ll share an article pertaining to the audience on that site. We get the backlink SEO boost for the article, but we also get the traffic from the Reddit readers; it’s a win-win!

More great tips from Alex Reichmann CEO of iTestCash:

A great way to market your business without spending any money is by writing articles for publications and websites in your industry. You just need to research what websites and magazines people in your industry read, and offer original and unique articles for them.  I personally have gotten my website on numerous popular websites and in a banking magazine by using this method. In most cases you will get a byline when you write articles for other publications and it will give your brand more exposure without having to pay money for it.”

Note from Leslie:

These are all great ideas. You’ll notice, none involved advertising. Instead, they focused on great service, reaching out to the target market, and establishing credibility by being a resource. These options take more time, but in the long run prove more effective.

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