Work-At-Home Experts Share How They Chose Their WAH Careers


Have you ever wondered how the experts “found” their WAH career? These experts gave us a peek into the process that they went through to discover the perfect fit for their WAH journey!

Do you have a story behind your WAH career decision? Leave a comment and share it with us!

Amber Aziza is the founder and CEO of Amber Aziza Enterprises which houses and Here she shares how she chose her WAH Career. 

“I coach entrepreneurs and top business how to grow their brands to Millennial audiences and into annual multi-figure success, and it’s very similar to what I did in the corporate world as a Trainer.”



Mahesh Kumar from Transcription Certification Institute  gives us his story. 

“I am currently the spokesperson of a transcription training and certification institute and dabbled in many work from home jobs in the past, before settling in one that was always my first love: blog writing. Since I’m endowed with good written communication skills and a good grip on grammar and punctuation, along with developed researching ability, blog writing came naturally to me. I can write on a diverse range of topics, but I really like topics related with WAH opportunities as those pertain to my work area.. My tips to those interested in blog writing would be: clarity of thought, keeping your sentences short and succinct while writing, and breaking up content into small paragraphs to improve readability.”

Crystal Olivarria from says her experiences in retail shaped her WAH future. 

“My name is Crystal Olivarria and I used to work as a merchandiser in the retail industry.  I was underemployed so I worked for 3 companies.  I was exhausted and frustrated.  I wanted to turn my part time blog into a full time coaching and bloging gig. I decided to follow my passion and I am a full time career coach at Career Conversationalist.  I help parents who are struggling to help their child select a relevant career.   I re-launched by blog”


 Larissa Pickens from Float Design always dreamed of being her own boss, and then she made it happen! 

“I’d always had the dream of working for myself but it was perpetually on my “sometime in the distant future” list. After design school, I was looking for work and started picking up freelance design work on the side. After a couple months, I had some stable clients and was enjoying not commuting and having more flexibility. Suddenly the jobs I was looking at seemed less and less appealing and after 2 more months, I embraced being a freelance designer. After 5 years of freelancing, I started to build a small team of designers who all work-at-home but collaboratively. It’s been a very different career track than I originally imaged but also deeply satisfying and rewarding.”

Laura Spawn, CEO & Co-founder of  Virtual Vocations, Inc.  was frustrated with trying to find telecommuting opportunities, so she made her own!

“I chose my work-at-home career more than 10 years ago after acknowledging my own frustrations with finding legitimate telecommuting work opportunities and realizing there were probably millions of other jobseekers out there experiencing the same frustrations.

I put my entrepreneurial head together with my brother’s developer mind and we collaborated to form Virtual Vocations, Inc., an online job board featuring human-screened, telecommute-only job leads. Now I am fortunate to not only work from home and spend more time with my family, but also close every day knowing I am helping other jobseekers find their own WAH careers through safe and effective means.”

Note from Leslie:

You’ll notice a theme from this week’s experts: They all chose home-based careers based on their passions and experiences. I’m asked often about the “best” work-at-home option. The reality is that there is no one best option. There is only what is best for you, and that comes from your inventorying your experiences, skills, interests and passions, and then finding an option that fits you.

In my case, my work-at-home career evolved. And because I like doing and learning new things, it continues to evolve. That’s what’s so great about building a career around your interests and talents. You can change, add new income streams, or start from scratch all over again.



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