Work-At-Home Experts Share Their Favorite Resources for Learning New Skills


Everything you need to know about working at home you can learn online!

Did you know that YouTube has tons of great information on learning new skills you can use to work from home? So are books, blogs, online groups, podcasts and more.

Continued learning is an integral part of working at home. Employers expect it. If you have a home business, you need to keep on top of new tools and trends (otherwise, you might still be on MySpace!). This week’s work-at-home experts share their tips on how they keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date to compete in the work-at-home world. If you have a favorite and don’t see it listed, let us know in the comments! Great knowledge should be shared!

Gene Caballero

Green Pal

When I needed to learn how to use Photoshop for my startup, I went straight to YouTube. YouTube had hundreds of hours of videos that were instrumental to my learning…and they were all free.

Also, when it came time for me to learn piano again, YouTube was there again. I was overwhelmed with the number of videos available that would get me started.

Both great use cases of how anyone should utilize YouTube as a top resource.

Nate Masterson

Maple Holistics

Podcasts are a great way to make the most out of your time. Podcasts are usually easy to listen to, provide genuine insights, and can even be quite entertaining. One of my favorites is the Smart Passive Income (SPI) Podcast with Pat Flynn. SPI communicates clear and concise tips and real-world experiences of generating passive income. These strategies are always practical, especially for people who work at home. The award-winning podcast offers listeners countless ideas ranging from real estate investments to blog writing.


Gregory Golinski


My favorite websites to learn new skills: is a great place to learn how to code. Knowing HTML, CSS and Javascript is great if you’d like to create websites for your clients. allows you to obtain a diploma from a famous university for about $60 a month. You can study humanities, web development, marketing etc. It’s a bargain.

-If you’re interested in online marketing, Google actually offers great, free digital courses on

James Rice


Lynda: Has a huge resource of courses, and now benefits from the clout of having LinkedIn behind it. Particularly good for programming, video editing, and marketing education.

Coursera: A huge open online education resource that is easy to navigate and use, with well-structured courses, quizzes and essays.

Udemy: Thousands of courses for anything you could conceivably want to learn, particularly for business studies. The more detailed courses often represent great value for money, and are a resource you can refer back to whenever you want.

Lauren Crain 

1. Shaw Academy– They offer classes for associate’s degrees in subjects ranging from graphic design to financial planning. For this, you pay a one-time fee and can have access to all of the classes for a specific amount of time. The classes can be taught via live webinar or taken at-you-own-pace. In the live classes, there’s a chat to talk to TAs as well as classmates. All live classes are also recorded and uploaded for you to be able to watch later, should you be unable to attend the live class.

2. Udemy–  This is another great resource for learning things online that I’ve used in the past. This platform allows you to buy specific classes, which you have lifetime access to. There are thousands of classes on here, and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

3. YouTube– YouTube is a great, underused resource for learning a new skill! All the videos are completely free, and you can find anything and everything you might want to learn. Most likely, YouTube is overlooked because it’s thought to only contain vlogs and YouTubers, but in fact, it’s a wealth of instructional videos that will have you mastering a new skill in no time!

Casey Hill

Hill Gaming Company 

1. Facebook Blueprint:  Facebook is one of the largest places for ad dollars in today’s online landscape. Facebook overs an incredibly comprehensive and FREE course training you up to be proficient.

2. SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business growth in 2018: What I love about this course is how accessible it is. While many SEO courses hyper focus in on things like alt tagging images, this course focuses on the high level fundamentals and their advice WORKS.

3.  Google Ad Words Certification:  Another popular medium for advertising is google. Google offers a free and comprehensive certification that will signal to prospective clients that you know the in’s and out’s of google Ad Words.

Note from Leslie

I’m an avid learner, probably because I’m lazy and I’m always looking for the fastest, easiest way to get something done successfully. Here are a few of my go-to resource for learning new things when I’m stuck or it’s something new to me:

1) Youtube: YouTube is my go-to source for learning something I know I need a visual tutorial on. I use it a lot to help me with Photoshop and other types of software.

2) Kindle Unlimited: I spend a fortune on books, so when Amazon came out with Kindle Unlimited, I saw an opportunity to read a ton of books for only $10 per month. If I want tips on how to use Instagram, there is a book in Kindle Unlimited. If I want new ideas on increasing website traffic, there is a book in Kindle Unlimited. If I need to learn how to use a specific software or program, chances are there are book in Kindle Unlimited. Many of these books are short, which is good if your goal is avoid fluff and learn something. If you read a lot like me, you can go through 10, 20 or more books a month all for one price of $9.99. You can have up to 10 books at one time “rented” through Kindle Unlimited, so if one is a dud, you return it and get another. There is no expiration date either, so you can keep the book for as long as you want. Oh and if you’re a fiction reader, you can find novels as well.

3) Facebook or other groups: If I’m really stuck, I go to my tribe and ask for help. Not only do I get information or fixes on problems, but also feedback and suggestions on other tools or resources to try. Often they’ll send me a link to an article or tutorial that will help me.

4) Online courses: Over the last year or so, I’ve spent a fortune on courses to beef up my use of things like Pinterest, affiliate marketing, increase web traffic, market my books, increase my speaking engagements, etc. If you make the time and work through courses diligently, they can be an excellent way to shorten your learning curve and get your work-at-home project up and running fast.

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