Work At Home Experts Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for Success


Many people start the New Year with new goals and an excitement to make big changes. People who work at home are no different. Many of them use the New Year to revamp their businesses, set new milestones, and make big changes in their home based career.  We asked our experts what they are focusing on this year and how they plan on tackling their own resolutions.

Welcome to 2019! What do you want to do this year?

Samantha Siffring 

 Samantha Siffring Coaching 

My New Year’s Resolution for work is to focus and simplify. This will look like cutting out all the tasks that aren’t getting results and going deeper with the ones that are, keeping my desk clear of miscellaneous papers and other items, and more carefully planning out my time. When you work from home, it’s easy to let the lines between work and home blur – I am starting the year with strict boundaries around work time and leaving it in my office when it’s time to transition to home time.

Debra Carpenter 

Sandpoint Idaho Real Estate 

My resolution this year is to improve my time management skills so I can work with more clients and provide a consistent working experience with each of them. I’ve been working from home for nearly a decade and deadlines have always been important in my work, but sometimes meetings end up overlapping or I find my schedule a little convoluted. By taking my time more seriously and treating it as a finite commodity, I think I’ll be able to improve the quality of my work and my work life balance.

 Ian Struckhoff 

The Fourth Place 

I work at home, running a small (one-person) business. My work-related New Year’s Resolution is to improve my sleep schedule, correcting a pitfall of working alone from home. I’m combining that with a focus on growing my business’ social media audience, ahead of our next launch.


Michelle Glogovac 

 My Simplified Life 

My New Year’s resolution started before the new year started. I decided to work on my health and business while maintaining a focus on my family. Last year I chose the word Me to remind myself to do all things that bettered my family, my life and my goals. This year my word is Intention. I want to do all things with intent and meaning. I want my business to grow in a way that makes me proud. I don’t want to take on clients simply for the money, but because we can truly work well together and enjoy working together. I have two toddlers and I want them to see how work and life can be a balance but there’s a way it has to be managed in order for it all to work together.

Note from Leslie

The last year or two have been tougher for me than previous years. There are many factors that impacted my efforts, but in the end the result was that I was less motivated and therefore less productive. My New Year’s Resolution has been to get out of this funk and be more consistent and persistent in achieving what I set out to achieve. To do this, I need to look at my vision and goals, and set a course that not only fulfills my goals, but that is motivating and fun. I’ve learned the hard way that setting goals and plan isn’t always motivating enough to make me take action. Now I’m looking at why I’m resistant or procrastinating so that I can be motivated and effective.

I also need to reduce the number of projects I’m working on. Having too many balls in the air has always been a problem of mine. I get excited about doing all sorts of different things, but by doing too much, I dilute my time and slow down getting results.

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