Work-At-Home Experts Share Their Perfect Work At Home Office Set Ups


Have you ever wondered what the office of a home based worker might look like? Well we asked these experts to share a peek inside their offices. We also asked if they could pass along some of their own tips and tricks to setting a awesome and efficient work at home office oasis.

Meryl K. Evans 

1. Keep ergonomics in mind when investing in a chair, desk, and mouse.
2. If possible, have a contained office with a door to help draw the line between working and not working.
3. Adjust the lighting by experimenting with the room light, lamps, and windows.

EB Sanders

EB Sanders, LLC 

1. Make it personal but still professional
2. Make it as separate from the daily house operations as possible
3. Make it reflect your business as much as possible (for daily inspiration)



Linda Lopeke


1. If you don’t live alone and can’t set up your office in a space that has a door on which you can hang a do not disturb sign for those times when need to work in peace, make a sign for the back of your chair that says The doctor is IN on one side and The doctor is OUT on the other. Then instruct other household members to not approach or interrupt if the sign says The doctor is OUT.

2. Keep the things you need to work with or use most frequently within easy reach. This reduces the number of friction points you’ll encounter throughout the workday so that, not only will you be more productive, you’ll end the day in a much better mood by not having had to interrupt your flow several times a day to search for things you need to use.

3. Place objects that have significant meaning to you in your field of vision to remind you that even when it feels like your day is spinning out of control, there is still beauty to behold in your world. These provide you with triggers when you need to refocus your thoughts and promote a sense of calm.

Debra Boggs

 D&S Professional Coaching 

1. Make it a space you want to be in. If you work from home full-time don’t put your desk in the basement amongst junk and boxes. I made sure my desk was well-lit, had plenty of windows for fresh air and visual interest, and was in a semi-high traffic area so that I would not feel so alone. This helps me get through a long day of writing and client meetings without feeling trapped or lonely.

2. Stay Connected & Productive: As an executive resume writer, I work with clients all over the world. I make myself available by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, or e-mail to conduct business in ways that work best for my clients. I always have a phone charger, two screens, and an Amazon Echo Dot on my desk for quick questions and tasks.

James Green

Home By Home 

1. I love having knick-knacks and pictures that remind me of past experiences. When you have a tough call or are just feeling down, it helps to look at a picture of your kids or your last trip and smile.
2. Working at home can feel isolating. Open the blinds and if possible, the windows. It adds natural light and makes your office feel more alive.
3. Throw stuff away. It can be easy to think that piece of paper used during that one phone call is super important, but 3 months from now, you won’t even remember what the note means.


Note From Leslie:

I just posted an article about home office set up at The Balance, which goes over important things to think about when setting up your office, as well as different layout ideas. I have an L-shaped workspace with an adjustable desk top (so I can stand while I work sometimes). I tend to need all my items within view, which makes for a messy space. I also have things I love, such as beachy doo dads.

I started in a coat closet, so I understand about creating a work space within your spacial limitations and budget. With that said, you need to consider comfort, ability to work uninhibited and uninterrupted, and mood (i.e. well lit and inspiring).

  1. Ergo Jon says

    Oh this is wonderful, eveyone’s got great tips. For me, I’ve tried to equip my office space with ergonomic furniture, it’s worth the inversion in order to feel confortable and avoid back pain. Also, I recommend plants to decorate, they brighten up the place.

    1. LTruex says

      These are good ideas. Comfort and safety are crucial. Plants, like pets, can be a nice way to cozy up the office as well. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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