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I get email frequently asking about the viability of making money with affiliate programs. The short answer is yes, affiliate programs can be a great way to make money. However, like any other income opportunity in life, your success depends on you and how well you manage your affiliate marketing business. Despite what some people say, affiliate marketing isn’t automatic, fast or one-click for cash. Instead, affiliate marketing involves picking a profitable niche topic, signing up for quality affiliate programs that help people in that niche, and promoting the programs effectively and regularly.

Did you know working at home is a good niche? Did you know Work-At-Home Success has an affiliate program through which you can make money helping others find their work-at-home path?

Why should you consider the WAHS affiliate program?

1) The products are affordable (about the price of a pizza), so they’re easier to sell to work-at-home wannabes, many of whom don’t have a lot of money to spare.

2) It pays 65% commission. I give away most of the commission because I figure if you’ve made the sale, you deserve it.

3) Currently there are 9 products to choose from, allowing you to pick products that best fit your niche market.

4) All affiliates get a manual and tools to help them develop a marketing plan and promote the products. The manual includes an outline of all products so you know what you’re promoting, plus marketing tools such as graphics.

5) I encourage all affiliates to test out any or all of the products and am completely okay with your buying them through your own affiliate link. Many affiliate managers don’t allow this, preferring you to buy the product at full price to test it out. But I figure if you’re going to sell it, you’ll do better by trying it out, so why not get a discount?

Are you ready to sign up? It’s easy:

1. Become a ClickBank affiliate (the WAHS program is run through ClickBank). It’s free.

2. Visit Sign up for the WAHS program using your ClickBank ID.

3. Confirm the email subscription to the WAHS Affiliate program list to get your manual and tips to getting started.

4. Visit your affiliate dashboard to get affiliate links (you get information about this in the manual, as well) or visit Work-At-Home Success Blueprints and click the “Login” link. You’ll be able to get the manual and see stats. Your stats are also tracked through ClickBank.

5. Share your affiliate links on your blog, newsletter, social media and however else you want to promote them.

You can promote my books through the Amazon Associate’s Program as well:

Jobs OnlineLifestyle Career Design

Joining is free and easy.

  1. Sign up for’s Associate’s program.
  2. Log into your associate’s account.
  3. Click on the “Links and Banners” tab at the top of the page.
  4. Click on “Add Product Links now” from the first option.
  5. Enter “Work-At-Home Success Bible” or ISBN “978-1-598969-916-6″ or “Jobs Online Truex” or ISBN “978-1456589189” or “Lifestyle Career Design” or ASIN “B00D6SIJY2”
  6. Click on “Get Link” next to the book’s option.
  7. Select your link type in box 1.  (Text/Graphic/Text&Graphic)
  8. Customize the link if you want (optional) in box 2.
  9. View the preview provided to see how your link will look.
  10. Copy the code in box 3 and paste it on your web page or blog.

arrow4redAffiliate marketing is a real and viable way to make money at home; however, its not fast or automatic. Like any other legitimate work-at-home option, it requires learning the process, making a plan, and doing the work. Some great resources on how to make money with affiliate marketing include:

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