1. Nanette Smith
    August 3, 2010 @ 7:36 pm

    This is Nanette (Smith). I just; started up, with your website, on the suggestion, of one of the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors; that I have been working with; since 1986!!! Although, in that time; he has not; found me an out of home job. (Nor; do, I really; think, he is trying to find me one. Being; we have been working, together; since 1987; and he is no where; near; finding me, a job; now, than he was; back then, when I first started; with him. There are; alot of jobs; out there, that I have asked him; to help me, to get. But; he says he can’t. And; for whatever reason; he would say; that, I have, no idea.
    But; at any rate, I need to find a GOOD PAYING HOME JOB; that I can do; without, having to dish out; any money; to start; a job.
    My husband (probably; soon, to be x-husband); does not work. And; his health; is not, all that good; to begin with. He let his health go; for WAY TOO LONG. And; now, things are piling up; on him MEDICALLY!!! His family history’s health; had alot, that is now; catching up; with him.
    I need to know; if, you can help me?? I have been looking, in to alot of your job listings. And; want to make sure; there is no, charge; for any of them. I saw; on one of your pages, that there was; no charge; to do, any of these. But; the person (listed above); who got me started on this; got me, checking in to this; and then, thought; there was a charge; for this. Nanette Smith


    • LTruex
      August 3, 2010 @ 9:30 pm

      Hi Nanette, There is no charge for jobs (as legitimate jobs NEVER as people to pay to get hired). But only the jobs don’t require any fees. Work-At-Home Success covers all work at home including home business, informational resources, and services related to working at home. Some of those options may have a fee. But jobs never charge to hire. Only the sections marked jobs are job announcements. While there are many work-at-home jobs, you have to remember that they are like traditional jobs in that you need skills, experience and a good resume to get a job. So start with the skills you have and look for work that needs those skills. Don’t look for work where you simply have to “sign-up” as that will never be a job. You can’t sign up for a job.


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