Work At Home Jobs April 15, 2010


READ FIRST! To apply to the jobs listed below, please follow the directions posted in the announcement. DO NOT CONTACT WAHS TO APPLY TO A JOB LISTED HERE.


Work-At-Home Success is not representing or affiliated with the companies posted here. These jobs are found by Work-At-Home Success or submitted for posting. Further Work-At-Home Success can make no guarantees about the jobs posted. Remember to never pay money to get hired or use your personal bank account or credit card to help a company do business!! Please let me know if any job posted below asks for money or is otherwise questionable. Visit WAHS’s Scam Alert page to get information on protecting yourself from scams.

New Jobs

Social Media Manager
Web Designer
Seamstress, Dressmaker (Los Angeles)
Korean / English Interpreters

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Didn’t find the job you want above? Here are some of the sites I used to find the jobs listed above. These resources list hundreds of jobs in a variety of categories. Please note, the listings below are NOT jobs (jobs are posted above). These are services that provide work-at-home job announcements. Some are free and others aren’t. While you never want to pay a company to hire you, its is okay to invest in a service that can help you find a job. The services below are the ones that I use and know to be reputable.

Telecommuting Job Databases (fee required to access these services)

HomeJobStop has over 100 jobs in clerical, and more in customer service, writing, transcription, miscellaneous plus 100’s of others. Very affordable.
VirtualAssistants has 100”s of Secretarial/General jobs plus 100’s more in other categories. Little more expensive but offers more jobs.
HomeWorker– Provides many great jobs in a variety of areas including virtual assistance, customer service and more. Very affordable.

Free job search sites (you need to search by keyword to find work-at-home jobs on these sites).

  1. Frances says

    April 15, 2010

    I received the CD Sat. April 4, 2010, it was postmarked 3/31/10. I cannot get anything on it. I am sending it back since I cannot pull anything up on it and I better not be charged. There is no phone number where I can call you. Just what is the job doing? Call me at night after 6:00p.m. CST. at 205-274-9401 to talk to you.

    Also, I have read on the computer some bad things about this company, therefore, cancel me right now and I’m sending the CD back. It could possibly be something about my computer, but I tried it here where I work. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS E-MAIL ON ANYTHING BECAUSE IT IS AT WORK. USE ONLY THE ONE ABOVE:

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Frances,
      This kit that you’re referring to is NOT something I’ve produced or sold, and while I’m happy to help you track down the seller, I can’t help you beyond that. Its always important to save the website address’ of places you order materials from just for this reason. Further, if you received an email notification or a packing slip, you’ll want to refer to those for information on getting your money back. This item appears to be a Google scheme which are a deceptive (see my article here: My advice to you is 1) If you can find the website you ordered from, you can trace the domain name’s owner through WHOIS. The kit may be called Work At Home Success kit, but you didn’t buy/order it here because I have nothing with that name and I don’t sell CD’s. 2) Use the emailed receipt to get contact information. 3) Use the return address on the package or packing slip, 4) Contact your bank about blocking further draws. KEEP RECORDS OF EVERYTHING. If you send the CD back send it with a return receipt. You have no proof of the return otherwise and if this is a deceptive scheme you need to keep as much proof as you can. – Leslie Truex

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