Work At Home Jobs April 16, 2013


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New Jobs

Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service
Bilingual Customer Service
E Customer Service
Human Cares Manager
RN Disease Management
Bilingual Customer Service
Customer Service/Tech Support
Field Underwriter

Check out clerical, customer support, writing and more jobs at Odesk

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Didn’t find the job you want above? Here are some of the sites I used to find the jobs listed above. Please note, the listings below are NOT jobs (jobs are posted above). These are services that provide work-at-home job announcements. Some are free and others aren’t. While you never want to pay a company to hire you, its is okay to invest in a service that can help you find a job. The services below are the ones that I use and know to be reputable.

Telecommuting Job Databases (fee required to access these services)

FlexJobs – Has tons of work-at-home and flexible job options plus a personalized login system that will identify jobs that fit your criteria, ability to have multiple resume profiles, job search tips and checklists, and much more! For the number of jobs and added service, its a must use for the serious work-at-home job hunter.

HomeJobStop has over 100 jobs in clerical, and more in customer service, writing, transcription, miscellaneous plus 100’s of others. Very affordable.

Free job search sites (you need to search by keyword to find work-at-home jobs on these sites).

NEW! oDesk – Tons of freelance jobs in administrative support, customer service and more! Check out this video on how to find work-at-home jobs on
Yahoo! Hot Jobs

Check out the freelance job board for more jobs!

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  1. Becky says

    I would love to be able to work at home. I have looked at many different sites, that wanted me to pay them. Just want to find at legt. Place to work for.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Becky, Paying isn’t necessarily bad…but youi have to know what you’re paying for. Buying a resource that will teach you or a business opportunity isn’t bad (althouhg you want to research), but paying for a job (employment) is always a scam. I always suggest that people learn about working at home first, which helps you avoid scams and find the right option for you. Also, most people I know who work at home, tapped into a skill or interest they already had, so make a list of your skills, intersts, passions, etc and let them help you find or create a work-at-home option that works for you. Good luck. – Leslie

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