Work-At-Home Success Expert Help: How to Make More Money Working from Home


Most work-at-home careerists don’t get rich right out the gate. Building income often takes time. In this week’s WAHS Expert Tips, I asked experts to share their ideas on how they increased or how they recommend you increase your income working from home.

Steve Morgan Morgan Online Marketing


1. Put your prices up over time – This may be tricky with clients you are already working with, but as you gain more experience, more testimonials, it makes sense to gradually increase your hourly or day rate for any new clients that you bring on-board.

2. Value based pricing – I have a bit of an ethical dilemma about this one personally, but if you plan to provide a bit of work for a client that is a large company with big budgets, and they stand to make $100,000s from your efforts, it may make sense to charge a little extra than your standard hour/day rate.

3. Quote a little higher – It’s human nature to under-quote and/or to think that we’ll get a job done in less time than we allow, but I’ve recently found myself having to invest more time into projects than expected, which means that I lose out overall, as I put more work in but still get paid the same amount. I now add 10% extra time/fee to proposals to allow for this. On the plus side, if the time doesn’t get used up, you’ve earned a little more money, but chances are that you’ll thank yourself for doing so. It also allows for a bit of wiggle-room if the client wants to haggle on the price – after all, you can simply remove that 10% and still get paid the price you wanted to be paid originally.


Max Robinson Ace Work Gear

I own an online business, and have managed steady growth since launching in 2008. Although I’ve benefited greatly from referral business and recommendations, I’d attribute most of my growth to our improved presence on social media. The one aspect that always held me back at the early stages in building my business was a lack of trust from my clients and customers. Because I didn’t have an office and I was working from home, many of my customers would assume that I wasn’t running a real business and therefore couldn’t be trusted. Social media changed all of that, as my frequent posts and updates showed that my business was active and showed that I had a real team that work hard. Within 3 months of beginning to take our Facebook presence seriously, I noticed a significant change in the attitude of my clients and customers.


Julia Joy Z Group PR

juliajoyAttracting new clients will help you make more, but how do you do that? Just like a regular business a home based business needs to promote itself. Creating a strong online brand will ensure that you are found by potential customers and are presenting in a professional manner when reaching out to customers.

1. Make sure your social media is up to date and professional. Use linked in for your business and do not treat it like Facebook. Use a real head-shot and create content geared toward your industry.

2. Have a professional website. Even if it is just one landing page make sure your online presence is professional and geared toward what you are selling.

3. Write. Whether for your own blog, other blogs or for your social media, writing is important to communicate your brand. Practice on short platforms first either as a social media post or comment on another relevant post, then evolve to longer blog posts. Creating relevant online content will attract clients over time.

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