Work-At-Home Success Expert Help: If you could only do one thing to build your home business, what would it be?


There is a lot that goes into successfully working at home, especially if you’re running a home business or freelancing. It becomes crucial that you focus on the important tasks and not get distracted by busy work. In this week’s “From the WAH Experts,” I ask successful experts:

If you could only do one thing to build your home business, what would it be?

Tammy Cannon, Cannon Social Media

Tammy CannonThe one thing that would ensure work-at-home success would be to build your email list. Create a compelling reason for potential customers to opt-in to receive your offering (usually a checklist or cheat sheet). This list is the most important thing for a small business owner who works from home.

For telecommuting, consistency and communication are the most important keys to success working off-site.



Leon Kwan,

Leon KwanIf I could only do one thing to build my home business, then I will do internet marketing because it has a lot of benefits like:
– I can essentially be “open for business” 24 hours a day, without having to worry about store hours or overtime wages for staff.
– The cost is cheaper than other businesses.
– Internet Marketing allows me to reach more people easily.





Amy D. Cohen, Strongest Minds, LLC

Amy D. CohenFrom what I have found, and from being in business myself – the effort and struggle we put in to create a successful business is huge. The One thing to Build Success Is Inner Strength To Keep Moving Forward! Everything hinges on our emotional state.  The “keep treading on” aspect, never giving up.   It is the – “make it or break it” in business, and business success.

There are two important things you can do to keep moving forward, getting over the humps and hold onto the confidence, stamina, and positivity you need to move forward in my belief and experience.  The first is having a coach.  It helps on all aspects – business help, home help, encouragement  (I am not a coach), having someone to bump ideas off of and to have your back to keep moving forward.  The other is holding on to the positive beliefs you can be successful, keeping the negative thoughts out, even in your worst moments as an entrepreneur.  These small moments can be defining and change how we think in a moment to give up.  Every Entrepreneur should have Elm and Larch in their tool box (positive plant therapy medicine) to take when feeling those moments of “I want out!”

Paige Arnof-Fenn,  Mavens & Moguls

Paige Arnof-FennMy advice is to go on a Listening Tour!  Politicians do it all the time and it is great for business too.  Make a list the movers & shakers, people you admire and prospects, ask a few smart open-ended questions then sit back and take notice.  They will be more than happy to tell you what is on their mind.  If you listen to what they share with you there will be plenty of opportunities to help them.  I did it when business slowed and picked up several new clients.  It is a great way to connect and a lot of fun too.  Start listening with no strings attached, you’ll be amazed what you find.  It does not cost much, for the price of a few coffees and meals you will get an earful.  I had no idea what to expect and got a lot of new work as a result.  I run a marketing firm and I did my listening tour the old fashioned way by sending out e-mails & picking up the phone then brought a pad & pen, asked a few open ended questions then shut up and started taking notes.


Kayla Ethan, ytravelblog

Kayla EthanThe most important thing about a home based business is how you plan to reach out to your customers. And I personally feel that making a website which resonates with your audience is the most important thing for the business.

Just remember that the thing that separates a home business from a big corporation is the ability to tell a story with which our audience can relate. So, when you make a website feel free to include all the little things that define your personality and hence the personality of the business. This can be further enhanced by having a regularly updated blog, which will keep your audience engaged in between times when you have nothing new to offer. It can contain the background stories about the inspiration behind your products and your aspirations of how the business will expand.

Zondra Wilson, Blu Skin Care, LLC

Zondra Wilson
Three things to help build a home business.
1. Social Media Presence is HUGE!
2.) Craft Shows/Farmers Markets (If that’s your niche)
3.) Organization




Thoughts from Leslie:

This is actually a hard question, because so much is required to have success. I completely agree that building a list is important, but often doing the things that need to be done require that you have the right attitude and belief. I also agree that using the Internet allows you to reach more people and maximize your efforts, while listening to what people are telling you (or better yet, asking them), is also crucial to make sure you’re delivering that people want.

How about you? What is the one thing that is a must-do in your business?

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