Work-At-Home Success Expert Help: What one trait or characteristic is required for success working in your domicile?


As ideal as working at home sounds, it’s not for everyone. And not everyone has the traits required to make working at home a success. In this week’s “From the WAH Experts,” I ask successful experts: What one trait or characteristic is required for success working at home.

Kate Anderson,
“Trait required for successful working at home: Time management and focus.  I get up every morning and do the laundry, clean the house and prepare dinner. Once those tasks are done, I know that I can dedicate the rest of the day to working without feeling like I need to tidy up the house or run errands.  I’ve also found that timing myself at each task lets me know how much time the task actually takes so that I can be sucessful in properly allocating my time.”



Conor Keenan,
Conor Keenan
“Focus is the biggest trait someone needs to work on to be able to work from home effectively. I’m not the best at this but I promote my focus while working at home by making a list of tasks that I need to accomplish that day and then setting reminders throughout the day to complete those tasks. This helps to keep my off social media sites and my phone to remind me to get back to work. These reminders have been very helpful for me.”




Vlad Zachary, The Excellence Habit
Vlad Zachary
“Writing my book at home took a lot of adjustment and the #1 habit I needed to build was focus. I had to “go to work” in my mind and stay there, while physically at home. There are a lot of distractions and one can easily waste a lot of time “working” on other home projects and not the work they are supposed to be doing.”




Simon Slade,  Doubledot Media

Simon Slade
“Self-discipline is the key trait for working from home. Many people can’t handle the distractions and freedom that in-home work presents, even if they have dedicated office space within their home. It feels too casual. People who will succeed in a work-from-home environment are people who are naturally self-disciplined. They know how to set and achieve milestones, keep projects organized and maintain personal and professional deadlines.”




K.B. Lee, Ever Bamboo Inc.

K.B Lee

START!!! Take the first step. “Version one is always better than version none.”

You’ll notice that all the characteristics and traits suggested by this week’s experts are around getting things done. It’s true that the flexibility and lack of clear boundaries can make working at home hard. A schedule, focus and self-discipline to get you started on your work is key.




Thoughts from Leslie: If I were to add the one important characteristic or trait, I’d say commitment.  Making a schedule, goal or plan is easy, carrying it out and sticking with it is hard.

What traits do you feel are most important for working at home? What traits would you add to this list?

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