Work-At-Home Success Expert Tips: Finding Work-at Home Jobs


The number one question I receive by email or social media is how to get a work-at-home job. Finding these jobs actually isn’t that hard. I post them on the WAHS Job board, send in my weekly emails, and even include resources you can find more. But here are some other tips and ideas to finding legitimate work-at-home jobs. Be sure to read How to Create a Winning WAH Resume to increase the chances of getting hired .

Christy Hopkins, human resources staff writer at Fit Small Business has these helpful suggestions:

1. Do your homework on freelancer sites: Register and complete profiles on the reputable freelancer websites such as Upwork. Once you start getting gigs, the system lets clients review your work. Once you get a number of 5 star reviews, the jobs will start rolling in.

2. Use LinkedIn the right way: Have a professional complete profile that articulates you are looking for remote work in your field. You’d be surprised at how many recruiters are looking for remote people! You can also connect to companies hiring on here.

3. Use job boards the right way- there are a number of home-based job boards out there that specialize in this kind of work. Sign up for email alerts for when jobs posted that match your profile are sent right to your inbox.

Monica Mizzi from Freelance Writing has these tips:

1. *Join a job board which specifically targets your type of freelancing*. Joining a job board specific to your type of freelancing is integral to
scoring new opportunities, and saves you time from sifting through jobs which are irrelevant to your expertise.

2. *Connect with other freelancers in your area.*

3.* Turn a one-off assignment into a repeat one. * Many beginning freelancers don’t know how to capitalize on the opportunities they already
have in their grasp. One strategy for getting more work is to turn a one-off assignment into a repeat one. While you may get lucky and have the client ask if you’d like to work more with them, most of the time it takes initiative from the freelancer’s behalf. It sounds like saccharine advise, but you need to be confident, assertive and compelling in order to convince a client to work with you again. Make your client see how you, over anyone else, would be the best fit. Explain how you now know the ropes, don’t shy away from selling your skills, and make sure to convey how excited you would be to work with them again. If they say no, you really haven’t lost anything. But if they say yes, you could land yourself a job for the long haul.

Leslie Tips:

I’ve been doing WAH jobs and sharing them here at WAHS since 1998. And over that time, I’ve learned the best, fastest way to find and get hired to a WAH job are:

  1. Learn about what jobs including what they are and aren’t (i.e. envelope stuffing isn’t a job), and why companies hire home based workers (i.e. save money, find best employees etc).
  2. Make a list of your skills, experience, interests and hobbies. Include skills and duties from jobs, volunteer work and hobbies. Everyone I know who works at home has found a job or created a business around something they already know, love, or do.
  3. Search for jobs that need the skills you have to offer. WAH jobs are no different than traditional jobs in that they’er looking for people who have the skills and experience to complete specific tasks. Search and get hired to a WAH job the same way you would for a traditional job. WAHS posts jobs regularly and includes resources for finding more jobs.
  4. Tweak your resume to tailor it to each job you apply for. The better your resume speaks to what the employer wants, the more likely he’ll notice you.

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