Work-At-Home Success Expert Tips On How to Stay Healthy While Working From Home


Working at home can result in having more time to take care of yourself. And yet, for many people that’s not the case. Working at home often means more sitting, and less moving, which can result in weight gain and health issues. Or sometimes they spend so much time working, they don’t take time for themselves. These experts give their advice on how to incorporate healthy living with working from home! Enjoy!

Tyson Brown, Personal Trainer, puts an emphasis on staying hydrated and keeping active!

Setting a timer every 90 minutes to get up for a quick break and do some stretching and 30 seconds of an exercise (bodyweight squats, pushups etc) and having a 10-minute break to go outside and get some sun to walk around.

Keeping a water bottle at my desk all day to stay hydrated

Alternating from sitting to a standing desk

Using F.Lux (a computer app) to block the blue light on my eyes at night.


JF Garrard, also suggests taking breaks to move around, but also reaching out to friends and family once in a while. 

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Make sure to take a break every 1-2 hours by walking around, stretching and rolling your eyes around in a circle as an eye exercise. Try to go outside at least once a day for some fresh air.

Ensure healthy food goals of eating at least 2 fruits per day, nutritionally balanced breakfast/lunch/dinner meals at the same time everyday and snack minimally. Sleeping is super important too to remain productive in the long run.

Call a friend or family member everyday to see what is happening in the outside world as working at home can be isolating.

Philipp Hagspiel, Head of R&D, says working out is very important! 

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Plan your workout days and set them in your calendar.

Without the motivation of music and energy at the gym, create a specific soundtrack with all your favorite tunes and get this cranked up during your workout.

When you can leave the house for breaks, check out Facebook for your nearest training group or invite some friends to join you for added motivation.


 Stephanie Prause, keeps sane and healthy by sticking to a schedule and reaching out to fellow humans! 

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Follow a schedule to some extent. Set a firm start and end time to your day, so that you are able to transition into the workday like those who go to an office and so you don’t end up working well into the evening. In addition, designate a time to exercise and eat lunch. Maybe you work out first thing in the morning or start a little earlier so you can work out at lunchtime. And taking the time to eat is critical so you can perform your best work.

Move around as much as possible– get up for water, to use the restroom, to make yourself a healthy lunch, or even just to stretch for a few minutes. Make sure you aren’t hunched over your computer all day so you can think and perform your best.

Incorporate human contact into your day, especially if you work from home all the time. Set up conference calls with colleagues, take yourself out to lunch in a cafe or run errands at the end of your day. It’s important for your mental health to avoid being isolated all day.

Samantha Orme, says socializing as you work can also keep you healthy, both mind and body! 


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Join a fitness community like a CrossFit gym, martial arts studio, or running club that will keep you accountable for working out, get you out of the house, and comes with a built-in social circle that you’ll see on a regular basis. Look for studios that provide regular social get-togethers and outings. I often work from home for a completely quiet, focused environment, but I’ll always take a break, get in a workout, and hang out for an hour with my lunchtime class buddies to break up the day!

Set a timer to remind you to get up and move around every half an hour (or interval that works best for you.) I use the BreakTime app for Mac, and do 5 burpees every break to get my blood flowing.


Louise Hendon, has some great tips on incorporating movement into your daily life, no matter what your schedule looks like! 

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Get a standing or walking desk.  This helps me move more during the day.

Wake up and go to sleep at regular hours.  This helps keep my circadian rhythm in sync as it’s easy to just stay up late and get up late.

Stop working at least 2 hours before bed.  This allows your brain to calm down and get ready for sleep.


From Leslie:

I agree that frequent breaks that involve some movement, such as a walk or stretching is really important. Not only doesn’t get you moving, but it can rejuveniate your energy, improve your mood, and get the creative juices flowing. Eating right (which is easier now that you have a full kitchen at your disposal) and getting plenty of sleep is important as well. And finally, find time for fun and family. Working at home is awesome, but it shouldn’t your focus 100 percent of the time. To be the best you can, you need balance.

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