Work-At-Home Success Experts Share The Top 3 Things They Can’t Live Without


Ever thought about what the experts would suggest to help you work from home comfortably? Well you’re in luck, because these experts are sharing with us their top 3 things that they just cannot simply live without as they work from home! What would you say is your top 3?

Lynel Berryhill Brown 

Website: Brown Safe Manufacturing, Inc.

I use certain days to work from home to capitalize on having a large chunk of time with minimal interruptions.  The top three things that I cannot live without, and create an efficient environment for working from home are:

Evernote– It took me some time for me to embrace this popular program/app but once I devoted a bit of time to really using it I have found it to be an invaluable..  It’s a great place where I can jot down my thoughts, organize important documents, and keep files that I commonly work on and want to ensure I always have with me.

Wunderlist– Wunderlist has drastically increased my effectiveness as well as reducing the anxiety that comes along with having a huge number of tasks to juggle on a daily basis.  We all need efficient lists, and Wunderlist has been my go to for the past few years.  It does a great job keeping things organized, prioritized and allows you to share lists with others which is critical when delegating items to others.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphone– Critical for blocking out any likely distractions.  These headphones last up to 40 hours on a battery charge and fold down small enough to throw in my bag.

Diana Kelly

Website: Diana Kelly

Natural light. Opening my curtains and getting sunshine into my home office instantly puts me in a better mood.

A printer-scanner. I use the HP ENVY 5530 which is an e-All-in-one printer. I frequently use it for signing contracts and scanning them back to my clients.

My digital recorder. I rely on the lightweight 3-inch Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-822 which helps me upload audio files from interviews easily to my laptop if I need them transcribed. This recorder can likely do a lot more than I’m using it for but it holds a ton of interviews on the 4 GB and the battery life is pretty good on it.

Steph Taylor

Website: Wildbloom Creative, and The Sugarfree Box

My name is Steph Taylor, digital marketer and founder of health and wellness marketing agency Wildbloom Creative. I’ve been running my own business from home for over a year, and my top 3 things I can’t live without are:

Podcasts:If I’m working on something dull and repetitive, having a podcast playing in the background helps keep my mind occupied and makes the time fly.

Matcha tea: Some days, coffee makes me too jittery. Matcha is a traditional Japanese drink made from stone-ground green tea leaves. It gives you energy, without the jitters from coffee.

Asana: It’s too easy to get distracted when you’re working from home. Asana is a to-do list app that allows you to plan your to-do list out in a calendar format. Each day, I can see what I need to get done and ticking these tasks off the list motivates me to keep going.

William Gadea

Website: IdeaRocket LLC

During the summer, my office does work-from-home Fridays. It usually works pretty well, with little or no lapse in productivity or communication. Of course, the collaboration tools are important – principally G-Suite, for us. But the place where it is easy to lapse is in the physical equipment:

An adjustable desk and an adjustable chair, so that your knees and elbows are at right angles. After you have had repetitive strain Injuries, you just don’t want to go back.

Air-Conditioning. For me, it would be insane to try to do without it.

A phone headset. Because if you have a phone cradled between your face and shoulder for an hour, you will never come out of that position again.

Joy Passey 

Website: JOY Prosperity Coaching, Inc.

I can not live without while working from home is my computer! I have a laptop and a desktop, but the laptop is number one.

My iPhone.  I could go without it for a while since I could talk online, get to my calendar, and other items, but it would make life much more difficult to coach people.

The bathroom – for obvious reasons, I think.


Jennifer Davis

Website: Jennifer Davis Coaching

My big girl pants! Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, and for me it is very different from my old model of being in a large corporation or consulting project and knowing that the work was there, I just had to do a good job at it. Pitching new ideas, creating material, getting clients, and putting myself out there is super exciting, AND it means I need to toughen up and not let rejection or setbacks dissuade or distract me.

My play list! I am a firm believer of experiential  energy boosts, and for me, The Dance Party is a must. If I feel like I’m in an afternoon slump or before an important meeting or call, I pump up the tunes for a pick-me-up visceral connection to my most amazing and confident self. It’s like the power pose, but more fun! Usually, it’s all about Pop and Oldies. For office work when I really need to concentrate, Instrumental Classical becomes my new best friend.

My LadyBoss Zoom Room! It’s important to seek and maintain a strong network of bright, creative, inspirational and diverse colleagues to both feel connected and act as a mastermind group for new ideas, constructive feedback, and all the rest of the workplace best. I have a fabulous group of women with whom I have a Zoom meeting once a month. Seeing each other makes it more personal and fun, and the name LadyBoss reminds us that we are ALL the bosses of ourselves (afterall, everyone is, regardless of reporting structure!), and we just happen to be some super fierce and fabulous females at the same time. (Last workshop I created and led with some LadyBosses and one cool dude: Fiercely Female–Creative Strategies to Own your Awesome!)

Note from Leslie:

There are several things I can’t live without in working from home. Besides the obvious…a computer…the tools I rely on include:

Google products: Gmail, Calendar, Analytics – all these help me stay connected, on schedule and knowledgeable about what’s going on with my sites.

CoSchedule: This allows me to schedule social media posts of my articles within WordPress, but also there is a browser app so I can share other stuff as well.

Happy Planner (paper planner): While I’m digital in most areas of my work life, I still prefer a paper planner. I like the Happy Planner because it lets me create a system that works the way I do.

Other things I can live without…coffee, natural light, and Pandora.


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