Work-At-Home Success Experts Share Their Top Holiday Gift Ideas For WAH Business Owners


The holidays are fast approaching, and wouldn’t it be great to give the WAH professional in your life something wonderful? We asked our experts to chime in on what would make their holidays sparkle. What would you like to get this holiday season?

Samantha Auburn Levine J.D. 

 Auburn Jewelry 

As a small business owner myself, I know that a custom piece of jewelry with your business’ logo is an amazing present. What small business owner wouldn’t want to wear their logo?

Amber Dee

The Amber Dee 

I have worked with numerous clients and attend a bi-weekly discussion with my mastermind group where we chat about our struggles and needs. Here are my suggestions (*based on self-reports and the feedback from others*) that are excellent gift ideas for the home biz owner.


1) MacBook Air (*a must!*)
2) Rain Design Laptop Stand
3) Motivational Mugs

Kaitlin Mogentale 

Pulp Pantry 

  • For the WAH business owner, there are many benefits. For one – you’re always working nearby the kitchen! Make your whole house smell scrumptious throughout the holidays with the oven wafting delicious holiday flavors. Bake your own gingerbread cookies, eggnog cake, pumpkin spice bread and get everyone involved. Baking mixes are foolproof – so anyone can get involved in the fun!
  • Try out special holiday flavors of our healthy grain-free granola so that the holiday fun isn’t reserved for dessert – but breakfast or snack time as well!
  • Food spreads cheer no matter what. It’s a foolproof gift that everyone, no matter age or gender, can enjoy!

Janet Walker 


  • A Apple Mac computer would help any business owner working from home. Plus as Apple Macs are light and versatile it’s a great way to work on the move if needed.
  • Continuous lighting. with video becoming the way to sharing your business message especially live video. Having good lighting will help your video be more natural looking and more professional.
  • A standing workstation. As we spend more time sitting down this can have serious effects on our health. A standing workstation has many benefits for our enhance our workflow and our health. Such as lowing risk of weight gain, reducing back pain, while improving energy levels.

Kelan Kline

The Savvy Couple

Being an at home business owner myself here are the three things I would absolutely love to receive this holiday season.

1) New office chair and stand up desk. I think any at home business owner can relate that working on the computer all day can make your back sore.

2) Facebook ads credit. What better way to show someone you love them than give them a gift card for Facebook ads?!

3) Time – The most important commodity we all have as business owners. If a family member or friend were to offer me a few hours of their time to help complete business tasks it might be the best gift I could ask for.

Note from Leslie:

Work-at-home related gifts may not seem as fun as a new pair of shoes or other cool item, but for the WAH person in your life who’s operating on a budget and eager to make their home career work, gifts that help them achieve their goal are appreciated. Plus, these gifts can be fun too. Here are some ideas:

  1. Cool pen and other other office supply stocking-stuffers
  2. Cup warmer to keep coffee, tea and other hot drinks warm on the desk
  3. Gift cards to Best Buy, Office Depot or Staples, and other  places to get home office supplies
  4. Visa gift card to use anywhere (i.e. for software or WAH services)
  5. Business books or giftcard for book store
  6. Planners and/or notebooks (I like the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks)
  7. Organizers for paper, pens, etc.
  8. Office decorating items such as frames, pictures, etc
  9. Gift certificate for a virtual assistant service or home cleaning
  10. Gift card for iTunes or Google Play to get helpful apps




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