Work-At-Home Success: Experts Share Their WAH Predictions for 2018


A new year is swiftly approaching. As a WAH entrepreneur it’s always important to stay up to date on the trends coming and going in business. We asked our experts what they predict for 2018. What do they see taking place in the world of WAH business? Let us know  if you have any predictions of your own.

James Pollard 

The Advisor Coach 

Business Predictions for 2018:

I predict that more and more people will realize that starting a home business has never been easier. With the incredible growth of social media and online advertising, almost anyone can create a product or service and get it in front of paying customers. Definitely look to see an increase in home businesses this coming year.

Tyler Riddell

eSUB Construction Software

Small, home based businesses have the ability to make money. There are some great options for those who are looking to be their own boss. Data is one area that will continue to grow and if you know how to make sense of big data and what it means to marketing, you can create a very lucrative business as a data cruncher. Another area that is seeing a great rise in need is family and marriage counseling. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the need for marriage and family therapists to grow 41 percent by 2020. Other sectors include: car charging stations, privacy protection and computer engineering services..

Dwyanetta Thomas 

Rock Paper Fitness L.L.C.

Business Predictions for 2018:
Online Personal trainers and fitness business owners. Cutting cost of equipment, rent, and other operational costs will be extremely appealing to veteran and upcoming fitness enthusiasts. As the world becomes busier, people are going to want to workout on demand and from the place they desire.

Stan Tan


Home businesses will keep growing.

Here’s why:

1. More businesses are hiring contractors and freelancers to reduce costs. The majority of these contractors and freelancers are a one-man team who work from home and don’t have a commercial office.

2. Ecommerce stores are growing rapidly and most of these eCommerce stores have zero inventory and very little overhead costs like staff, rent, etc because they use the dropshipping business model.

3. Startups. Most startups don’t have a commercial office. Most of them are work from home. The ones we hear about like the Ubers and Airbnbs are the 1%. We don’t hear about the other 99% who haven’t made it.

Harsh Wardhan Singh 

VAP Technology 

Home-based Businesses Will See A Phenomenal Increase In 2018.

A number of already popular home-based professional works like web & graphics designing, online marketing, SEO are set to see a significant increase. While 2016-2017 saw an increase of 26% of freelancers joining top freelancing sites, 2018 will see an increment of over 35%.

Other than these, businesses like fashion consultancy, personal training, Youtubing, vlogging, online video courses, social media consultancy, local lead generation businesses from home, online travel consultancy, financial consultancy will see a remarkable rise.

The two primary factors namely, the desire to be an independent entrepreneur and lack of jobs will result in more and more individuals preferring home-based business.

Customers too will prefer to do more business with home-based entrepreneurs because of lower pricing and more personalized services.

Gregory Golinski


In 2018, I believe more and more people will create their own products to sell them online.

The reason is simple: it’s never been easier to advertise your creations on the web.

People can write an ebook and publish it on Amazon KDP Select, sew a dress and advertise it on Etsy, or even create their own furniture to sell on Houzz.

Budding home business owners don’t need to code a website anymore to be able to sell things. They can easily create a blog with tools such as WordPress, Squarespace or Wix. The price of entry to advertise your home business and products has never been lower, and this trend will continue in 2018.

3D printers will give home business entrepreneurs even more opportunities to create and sell things.

Notes from Leslie

I’m always interested in seeing what sorts of things I might expect coming in the future. Although it can be difficult to predict with certainty, it’s a safe bet that work at home opportunities will continue to grow, and that it will become easier and more affordable to get started.

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