Work-At-Home Success: Free and Useful Tools for Running a Home Business


Who doesn’t love a freebie? Especially if said freebie is one that will make your life easier! We asked some work-at-home experts to share with us, what free tools they use to help them run their home business. They came up with some useful suggestions in the hopes that they help you. Do you have any that they missed? Share with us in the comments below.


 Victoria Heckstall

Unique Words


“My favorite resource to go to for freebies for freelance writers is Facebook groups. You can find a ton of good information there and also be one of the first to know about free webinars, free courses, ebooks, and more. A few of my personal favorite Facebook groups are – “Writing Revolters”, “The Six-Figure Freelancer”, “The Careful Cents Club”, and “Online Business BFFs”.”


Kali Geldis



“Nav offers independent contractors and business owners free access to their personal and business credit scores every month to they can establish business credit, no matter if they’re a side hustler or an established CEO. Even if you’ve just established your business, you can start building business credit that can help you down the road if you want to buy new equipment, increase your marketing budget or hire an employee.”

Melissa Caldwell


“As a personal assistant, I often find myself needing and using quite a few free tools to perform my daily tasks. Here are a few that I love and are free!” *Some have a subscription charge, but offer free basic services*

  • Hootsuite (for scheduling Social Media posts)- I use this daily for my client’s social media needs.
  • PicMonkey-This is perfect for basic editing/creating of graphics.
  • Paypal -This one is kind of obvious, but I use this for my invoices and to receive payments from clients.
  • WordPress and Blogger
  • If you need a cheap but effective way to promote your company or event, you may want to look into HeadTalker and Thunderclap  . They “boost” the signal through social media by allowing people to help out with their social media reach.

Note from Leslie

I love free and use whenever possible, as long as it doesn’t impact a professional look. I like Pixabay for graphics, Hootsuite (I pay for it now because I manage more than 5 accounts), and PayPal. Google has many free tools including, Analytics, AdSense, Docs, Hangouts and more. I also love HARO, which not only helps me find experts to share their stories and tips on WAHS, but also, is a great place for me to find publicity outlets as well. I’ve been featured in Redbook and Woman’s World by responding to a HARO request.

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