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  1. Nanette Smith
    March 18, 2011 @ 8:34 pm

    This is Nanette Smith. I live here; in Longmont, Colorado. I have been trying to find a job. But; no one, will; hire me. I have been trying to find something, for quite some time. I have been TRYING to work, with job-developers; that this one places; has been setting me up with. Only; to have learned; that they have, mostly; all been JERKS. Especially; the one, today. I was wanting to work with him; with GOOD INTENTIONS, to find a job. (That, was what today; was to be, for). But; he had other things; on his mind. He tried to BLAST ME: with some rude insults; among other things. And; I was just telling his SUPERVISOR; what I had been seeing, while; working with him. It did not; go well; at all. I left the WORKFORCE CENTER (In Longmont, Colorado): where we had met, to work together (I thought). But; I was in tears; when, I left.
    I have my rights; to my own opinions on people; that I may or may not; be comfortable; working with. If; there is a language barrier. (He wanted me; to work, in a ORIENTAL RESTAURANT). And; alot of those people, do not speak; too good of ENGLISH!!! I cannot, understand; alot of FOREIGN LANGUAGES. But; his comeback; was, “Do you; understand; ENGLISH”?? Of course, I do. That is all; I can speak; in a conversation.
    I was so hurt; by his cut-downs, I walked out of WORKFORCE; as fast as I could. I made a phone call; to the person, at VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION, that set this up. And; he was glad; that I called. And; he said, I handled; the situation, as best; as I could. And; he said, I do not; have to work, with this other person, anymore. I was having a good day; before, I left my home, to go meet; with him, as well; too.
    I like, working with these people. But; as of late, the last few; have been JERKS!!!! If, this keeps up, I would rather; be unemployed. I would love to work; but, these people, are rude, to those; trying to find work.


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