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  • News from Leslie
  • WAHS Podcast:  Interview with Steve Wyrostek of No Cliche Copy
  • Recent Work-At-Home Jobs and News from the blog.
  • Work-At-Home Jobs
  • Work-At-Home Opportunities
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News From Leslie:

Tell me your story! If you’ve had success from information or resources found through Work-At-Home Success, I’d like to hear about. First, I plan to have a “Success Stories” resource on the site where you can get free publicity about your work-at-home venture. Second, I’d love to have testimonials to share. If have a success story to share, contact me with your name, website URL and/or business name, what resources at WAHS helped you during your work-at-home journey and a little about your business.

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How to Get a Work-At-Home Job is the first course offered at Work-At-Home Success University. If your goal is to get hired to work at home, this course will show you step-by-step how to find and apply to legitimate jobs.

Want to know about making money with surveys? 3 NEW resources added this week!! Or affiliate programs? Get the Work-At-Home Success Bundle Pack filled with 11 14 different work-at-home resources to help you decide what work-at-home option is best for you. At only $7.95, the Work-At-Home Success Bundle Pack is too affordable not to buy!

Do you have feedback? What to see a feature on the site or on the podcast? Do you have a request for a teleseminar? Contact me and let me know.

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REMEMBER … only the items listed in the “Jobs At Here” section are job (employment) listings. You’ll find that section below “Recent Work-At-Home Jobs and News”.

Work-At-Home Success Podcast.

This week I interview Steve Wyrostek of No Cliche Copy. If you’d like to download any episode you’ll notice a new “Download MP3” below the player. You can get the podcasts through iTunes as well.

Listen here:

Recent Work-At-Home Jobs and News

I post work-at-home jobs every week day along with scam alerts, reviews and other work-at-home related news and information on the blog. Below are the latest posts. Visit the WAHS Blog for more.

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Work At Home Jobs

READ FIRST! To apply to the jobs listed below, please follow the directions posted in the announcement. DO NOT CONTACT WAHS TO APPLY TO A JOB LISTED HERE. Work-At-Home Success is not representing or affiliated with the companies posted here. These jobs are found by Work-At-Home Success or submitted for posting. Further Work-At-Home Success can make no guarantees about the jobs posted. Remember to never pay money to get hired or use your personal bank account or credit card to help a company do business!! Please let me know if any job posted below asks for money or is otherwise questionable. Visit WAHS’s Scam Alert page to get information on protecting yourself from scams.

Administrative Support and Clerical Jobs

Virtual Assistance

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

Computers/Internet/Technical Jobs

Web Developer

Video Editor/Graphic Designer

Financial/Bookkeeping/Real Estate/Insurance /Business/Legal Jobs

Unemployment Hearing Rep (MD)

Claims Processor Associate

Accounting Assistant

Nursing/Medical/Social Work/Case Management

RHIT, RHIA and Medical Coding Online Instructor

Medical Transcription

PR/Marketing/Sales/Fundraising Jobs

Social Media Consultant



Technology Adjunct Teacher

Foreign Language Adjunct Teacher

Social Studies Curriculum Writer





Freelance Designers

Freelance Ghost Writer (Children’s story)

Virtual Assistant – Proof and Edit

Resume Advisors and Writers

Miscellaneous Jobs


Jobs in Canada

Project Coordinator


Bilingual Customer Service – Overnight

PT Resume Writing

Recruiter – Mortgage Industry


Check out the freelance job board for more jobs!


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More Resources To Find Work-At-Home Jobs

Want to find more jobs? Here are some of the sites I use to find jobs. These resources list hundreds of jobs in a variety of categories. Please note that the listings below are NOT jobs (jobs are posted above). These are services that provide work-at-home job announcements. Some are free and some aren’t. While you never ant to pay a company to hire you, it is okay to invest in a service that can help you find a job. The services below are the ones I use.

Telecommuting Job Databases (fee required to access these services)

NEW! FlexJobs – Has tons of work-at-home and flexible job options plus a personalized login system that will identify jobs that fit your criteria, ability to have multiple resume profiles, job search tips and checklists, and much more! For the number of jobs and added service, its a must use for the serious work-at-home job hunter.

HomeJobStop has over 100 jobs in clerical, and more in customer service, writing, transcription, miscellaneous plus 100’s of others. Very affordable.

Looking for work? Sign up at Elance and search over 30,000 jobs today.

HomeWorker– Provides many great jobs in a variety of areas including virtual assistance, customer service and more. Very affordable.

Free job search sites (you need to search by keyword to find work-at-home jobs on these sites). Chech out this video on how to find work-at-home jobs on


Yahoo! Hot Jobs


Work At Home Opportunities and Resources

Here are some work-at-home opportunities and resource currently used by visitors of Work-At-Home Success. These are not jobs. Opportunities are specific money-making programs and Resources are educational materials that can teach you how to make money from home. Please note that Work-At-Home Success does not guarantee or endorse any of the opportunities or resources here unless otherwise stated. These opportunities and resources are offered to you for informational or educational purposes. It is up to you to research companies and find the best opportunity for you. For more information on protecting yourself, please visit WAHS’s Scam Alert

Advertise your opportunity here for only $7.00!

I want to be your partner in success! I love helping others work from home partnered with a trusted 26-year-old company. Visit Work With More Freedom or call (206)339-2762 to request more information.

How To Become a VAIf you want to work at home doing typing and other support services, then this resource is for you!

Find out how you can earn affiliate commission checks in just 1-3 hours every week by completing ONE simple assignment. Even without a website, experience or even an idea!

Make Money Blogging The creator of this program paid off over $70K in debt through blogging. Great details including videos to show you how to set up a blog!

Make Money Giving Away FREE Satellite TVEspecially in today’s economy with people wanting to save money, and satellite being less expensive than cable, giving away the system plus offering special deals, is a great way to earn an affiliate income from home. VMC pays $120 for each system install you give away (see site for complete details). Click on “Affiliate Program”.

WAHM-It – The Master’s Course: Keep putting your family first. Be a work-at-home mom (WAHM) and successfully build a real business on the Net. Ideal for the person who wants to work 100% online!

Make Money with Clickbank – Commission Blueprint is a full package of details with videos, manuals and more to help you make money in affiliate marketing.

Can you write a simple letter?If yes, you could be in big demand earning big money, writing just a few hours a day. Learn the secrets of this little-known, lucrative work. I found this course helpful. If I’d found it when I first wanted to work at home, I’d have probably ended up being a copywriter!

Make Money Selling On Ebay.

Get Cash for Web Content.

Free Online Business Kit for Moms.

Click Here to Discover How to Become a Travel Consultant

Free online business promoting services all families use everyday.

Get started for less than $25! No more commuting, No more boss, lots more time for your family. Let SMC help make your dreams a reality.

(WAHS Approved programs are those that WAHS has either personally used or at least checked out. Note that these are business opportunities, affiliate programs, or educational resources and may have a fee. In any work-at-home venture, always do your research before joining.)

Disclosure: Work-At-Home Success (WAHS) occasionally receives free or trial products or services to review. Although these products/services are given free, the reviews are always based on the quality of the products/services, and are thorough and honest. WAHS will let you know if it doesn’t like a product even if it was given for free. Work-At-Home Success also provides recommendations for products or services that have been tested and in some cases received compensation when visitors of the site take advantage of these suggestions. However, all products or services that are reviewed or recommended have been used and or tested. Only products/services that provide quality information, education or other work-at-home related services are recommended. Work-At-Home Success also accepts advertising to the site, newsletter and blog. All ads are screened for quality, but WAHS cannot guarantee the quality of any companies advertising on the site, nor be held responsible for the action of those companies. Always do your due diligence in investigating work-at-home products.

1 Comment
  1. Nanette Smith says

    This is Nanette Smith. I live here; in Longmont, Colorado. I have been trying to find a job. But; no one, will; hire me. I have been trying to find something, for quite some time. I have been TRYING to work, with job-developers; that this one places; has been setting me up with. Only; to have learned; that they have, mostly; all been JERKS. Especially; the one, today. I was wanting to work with him; with GOOD INTENTIONS, to find a job. (That, was what today; was to be, for). But; he had other things; on his mind. He tried to BLAST ME: with some rude insults; among other things. And; I was just telling his SUPERVISOR; what I had been seeing, while; working with him. It did not; go well; at all. I left the WORKFORCE CENTER (In Longmont, Colorado): where we had met, to work together (I thought). But; I was in tears; when, I left.
    I have my rights; to my own opinions on people; that I may or may not; be comfortable; working with. If; there is a language barrier. (He wanted me; to work, in a ORIENTAL RESTAURANT). And; alot of those people, do not speak; too good of ENGLISH!!! I cannot, understand; alot of FOREIGN LANGUAGES. But; his comeback; was, “Do you; understand; ENGLISH”?? Of course, I do. That is all; I can speak; in a conversation.
    I was so hurt; by his cut-downs, I walked out of WORKFORCE; as fast as I could. I made a phone call; to the person, at VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION, that set this up. And; he was glad; that I called. And; he said, I handled; the situation, as best; as I could. And; he said, I do not; have to work, with this other person, anymore. I was having a good day; before, I left my home, to go meet; with him, as well; too.
    I like, working with these people. But; as of late, the last few; have been JERKS!!!! If, this keeps up, I would rather; be unemployed. I would love to work; but, these people, are rude, to those; trying to find work.

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