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Georgette Pascale is the Founder & CEO of Pascale Communications, a virtual, modern, international healthcare communications company. Their experience is as diverse as their team, covering the US from coast to coast, and internationally with partners in Europe and across the globe.

1) How did you get started working from home?
I started off my career in NYC. Consumed by corporate agendas, hectic schedules and long work weeks, I started to ask myself, “Why do I need to go into an office every day to do this job?” That initial question sparked my curiosity and got me thinking about how to be successful at what I do but on my own terms.

2) How did you choose the work-at-home career you do?
At the time, no one was catering PR to healthcare-specific clients, so in 2005 I launched Pascale Communications to address an under served niche in healthcare PR. I wanted to break the mold of needing a traditional brick-and-mortar agency to be relevant in the industry. Going virtual was my solution. The company operates as a fully virtual enterprise, with associates actively involved with clients across several time zones, thereby affording an opportunity to think globally and act locally.

3) How did you get started (basic initial steps)?
I used my 401k from my former job to get a logo and business cards, establish legal counsel and set and set up a tax ID number. From there, I continued to build and contact vendor services, as soon as I could afford it.

4) How did you get your first client or customer or job?
My first client was Abbott Medical Optics, a global medical supply company. I had worked with them at my last job and they wanted to follow me because I was their main contact. I had already established strong relationships with the key opinion leaders and editors in their space so naturally, it was a smooth transition.

5) How do you market your business?
Networking is key! Never underestimate the power word-of-mouth. It creates conversation and can drive a ton of traction for your business. Look to build relationships and network within your industry. This can lead to new introductions and encourage collaborative opportunities. Know who you want to connect with and the possible synergies that can be made between you. 90% of our new business comes from referrals.

6) What does your usual day look like?

“Usual Day” is not something I’d use to ever describe my work weeks. It’s dynamic and always changing, which is why it’s so important to be nimble when working virtually; however, most days I get up around 5 am and get some work done before getting my 3 kiddos up for school (a major perk of being able to work from home). Some days I’m handling strategy development and crisis management situations while other days I’m in client meetings or leading a new business call. At some level, I’m involved in every facet of the company on a weekly basis.

7) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?
Know what you are good at, and what you are not. It is next to impossible to effectively run every necessary aspect of starting and operating a business on your own. I learned this the hard way by not hiring the right legal counsel from the start. Now, I have an incredible accountant and legal team who both protect me and have my company’s best interest at heart. Hiring the right people to do what they do best is essential to the progress and success of any company.

8) What advice would you give someone who wants to work from home?
Try it first. Working from home may sound appealing but it’s certainly not for everyone. You have to exercise a lot of discipline and time management. When people say, “I work from home,” it’s not always taken seriously, but I can attest that, for me, working virtually has allowed my team to work more cohesively and efficiently that any other traditional agency I’ve worked for. There are obvious perks to having a virtual office but it doesn’t mean you put any less energy, effort or commitment into your work and making sure your clients’ needs are being met.

Website: Pascale Communication
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