Work-At-Home Success Profile: Tracy Lamourie Shows That Confidence Is The Key To Success!


Tracy Lamourie has built a public relations and media firm working from her home office.

1) How did you get started working from home?

Twenty years ago I worked for a business that had a three month program for the sales and marketing people – the telemarketing people – to work from home!

2) How did you choose the work-at-home career you do?

I developed my business organically. I did a lot of volunteering, not as a work path, but for issues I was passionate about  and started taking on communications and media roles successfully getting the causes and issues into media. I realized I was great at that and decided to start doing it professionally.

3) How did you get started (basic initial steps)?

Excellent and compelling LINKEDIN profile. Aggressively reaching out to connect and contact with high profile folk and decision makers. Everything is about confidence and communication.

4) How did you get your first client or customer or job?

Initially via freelancer sites like elance, and similar where you compete with others around the world, and its all about communicating that you are best for the job – PR!

5) How do you market your business?

No money spent on advertising ever. All social media connecting – I think I paid 10$ for an ad twice.

6) What does your usual day look like?

I take on too many clients because the projects are so interesting and can be high profile and help me build my business in different areas, so I work from the time I get up around 8 til I go to bed, either 11pm or 3 AM 🙂

7) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I wish I had the confidence to start when I was younger!

8) What advice would you give someone who wants to work from home?

Build your business and your profile, show what you can do and people won’t care where you do it from!

Find Her Online: 

Website: Lamourie PR

Twitter: @TracyGoddess

Facebook: Lamourie PR 


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