Work At Home Success Story: Tiffany Angeles, Unlimited Style


This week’s Work-At-Home Success story comes from Tiffany Angeles of Unlimited Style.

Tiffany Angeles is a business owner, speaker, and money coach. She puts small business owners on the fast track to master profitability in order to gain the financial freedom and flexibility they want. Tiffany successfully navigated leaving the security of her corporate job to turn her side business into an ultra profitable full time business. She did this by confronting and overcoming her money blocks. Now she is teaching you how to remodel your ideas about money so you can handle more of it.  Her business and work have been featured on Bravo, CBS, published in Wall Street Journal, People magazine and more.
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 1) How did you get started (basic initial steps)?

I started by running a business for 10 years that was ultra profitable.  I saw so many other small business owners struggling to make and keep  money, I wanted to take my passion for mastering money and use it to help other business owners master profitability in order to gain the financial freedom and flexibility they want.  I first had to get clear on the message and specific information I wanted to be known for. Then I had to generate content so people would know, like and trust me. Once I provided value for people, they were much more willing to approach me for financial coaching.

2) How did you get your first client or customer or job?

I got my first client as a referral. For all the marketing in the world, nothing trumps a good referral.

3) How do you market your business?

In this information age, it’s all about providing valuable information. I put out YouTube videos, a podcast, blog post and anything I can that will provide value to people.  The more value you provide, the more people will want to do business with you

4) What does your usual day look like?

I do try and do 20 minutes of YouTube yoga in the mornings. Then I work on coaching calls, emails and desk work.  In the afternoons, I handle project based work and the evenings are for family.  One of the greatest benefits of working from home is flexibility. If I get bored with a routine, I just switch it up.

5) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?
I wish I would have known how many business issues are really personal issues. Avoidance due to anxiety, feeling unworthy, not putting yourself out there or sabotaging your own success are some of the real underlying issues of why a personal business isn’t working.

6) What advice would you give someone who wants to be successful
like you?

Never stop working to uncover what your purpose and mission is. The more you can continue to work toward that and refine it, the more people will be drawn to you. If you aren’t clear on the specific value you want to provide people, they won’t be clear on how you can serve them.  And if they aren’t clear, they won’t be paying you.

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