Work-At-Home With Benefits and Equipment at Zapier



Work-at-home job opportunities abound, but not all offer the same perks and benefits that traditional job do (or did, as the case may be). But Zapier strives to offer remote work options that provide worklife/balance, as well as security.

What is Zapier?

At it’s basic, Zapier helps businesses integrate their apps to create automatic workflow systems. For example, with Zapier you can integrate Gmail to create a Google Spreadsheet. I once used Zapier to connect a Gmail account to MailChimp to deliver a free bonus to people who bought a digital product from me. Zapier can work with tons of programs and apps including Facebook, Google Calendar, DropBox, Evernote, Trello, MailChimp, and a whole lot more.

Working for Zapier

To deliver these great services, Zapier uses a team of 80 people that live and work in 13 countries. Despite the distance and time difference, it focuses on working as a team to deliver services that help business make more effective use of their computers so that people can spend more time doing what they’re best at. In support of their workers, Zapier offers a host of great perks including:

  1. Ability to work remotely
  2. Equipment setup of laptop and monitor combo of your choice, plus any software you need
  3. Competitive salary
  4. Health care + Dental + Vision
  5. Retirement plan plus 4% company match
  6. Profit sharing
  7. Two annual retreats
  8. 14 weeks paid leave for new parents
  9. Two weeks vacation

White qualifications are important, Zapier is more interested in personal traits than credentials saying, “What you love doing is way more important than the credentials you have.”

Zapier frequently has jobs listed on its site in areas such as customer service, project managers and more. Visit Zapier to see current listings (scroll down for jobs). Be sure to also check out Zapier’s Guide to Remote Working.

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