Work-From-Home Expert Tips: Using Social Media to Market Your Business


Social media is a great way to market your business, but how do you get the best exposure? How do you utilize it to maximize your impact? These great experts have some useful advice on how you can use Social Media to it’s fullest potential!

Zach Everson from Derby Home Rental  has this great tip for using social media.


“Don’t just think about using Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr as social networks for interacting with customers! Having profiles and regularly posting on these sites also helps the SEO of my home page (and I get almost all of my business through search engines). Also, having high-ranking profiles on these social networks helps me keep my competitors’ websites off the first page of Google results.”






Nick Brennan from Watch Social Media   has these suggestions:

guyTip 1: Focus on visuals regardless of platform. Flawless copywriting cannot make up for content that doesn’t catch someone’s eye. Programs like Adobe Spark and Canva make it incredibly easy to do professional looking design work for free.

Tip 2: Don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick a platform you enjoy using that fits with what you do. Having a poor presence somewhere can actually be worse than not being there at all.

Tip 3: If you sell professional services and not tangible goods, use Pinterest as a place to make yourself a resource for others. Unless you sell creative services that is, then it can function as a shareable portfolio.

Anna Osgoodby from Bold & Pop has this to say about social media:



  • Take advantage of #TipTuesday hashtag to showcase your expertise.The hashtag is very active across industries and is a great time to provide value on a visually driven platform. Pair your #TipTuesday with an eye-catching photo and a call-to-action to the link in your bio.
  • Integrate your products, promotions and opt-ins into styled photos for Instagram. Photos generally out-perform graphics on the platform so it is worth investing time in your visuals. This also allows you to highlight your business’ branding throughout each post.


  • Use multiple photos to showcase portfolio pieces and blog content. Different images or graphics will attract different people, diversifying chances of people clicking through to your website.

Christina Herman of Christina Herman Consulting   has this great tip for you!


The most effective way to grow Instagram followers and have those followers become customers is to post relevant, brand-aligned content every day. Create a social media calendar for the entire month so you have a post for each day. Then you can expand from there based on spontaneous daily trends or happenings. This will provide a unique mix of content that will keep followers engaged and interested.

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