Working At Home: It’s Not Just for Moms

Working At Home: Not Just for Moms

Back when Google Analytics was working and delivering demographic data for WAHS, I noticed an interesting trend; many of the site’s visitors weren’t 25-45 year old women. In fact, a few summers ago, the largest demographic group visiting Work-At-Home Success was over the age of 55.

Even without the help of Google, I know that visitors to Work-At-Home Success aren’t just moms. Over the years, I’ve received email from women in their 50s and men in their 70s. I’ve heard from students and single people needing extra money to get through school or support an ailing parent. The truth is, some of the benefits that make working at home ideal for moms, make it perfect for everyone else. Here are some of the perks working at home provides:

1) Flexible income: Whether you need to extra money to pay for room and board or feather a retirement nest, you can often dictate how much you earn. You can make part-time or full-time income. In some situations, working at home can also allow you to earn what you’re worth, not what an employer decides to pay you.

2) Flexible location: Depending on the type of work you do, it’s possible you can work from anywhere. For retired folks, that means you can work in your RV or while living as an ex-pat on a beach in the Caribbean. Students can work from school, home or even while studying abroad.

3) Flexible schedule: Working from home can often be done around a job, classes, caring for children or taking care of ailing loved ones.

4) Flexible work: When people ask me what I like about working from home, my answer is always, “I love being able to do what I want, when I want, how I want.” I’m able to earn a living pursuing my hobbies and passions. I’ve met high school and college students, supplementing their income through YouTube tutorials on fashion or gaming. I’ve also met folks funding their retirement travels through RVing blog. When you’re paid to have fun, it’s not hard to work.

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Leslie Truex is an ideaphoric writer, speaker, entrepreneur, social worker and mom trying to do it all from the comfort of her home. Since 1998, she's been helping others create careers they love by providing work-at-home information and resources through Work-At-Home Success.

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