Working From Home Creates Options During Divorce


Guest post from Faydra Koenig

As America’s Divorce Coach, I work with men and women who are maneuvering around one of life’s biggest obstacles. Many men and women find themselves losing income and losing their sense of identity all a the same time. They had identified themselves as married, a wife or a husband, part of an extended family and more. Now they find themselves needing reinvention and they are often times scared and unsure of where to begin.

At some point, I share with them how I took charge of my situation and started working from home to create added income. I had set out to increase my income to ensure my lifestyle would not diminish, but there was a secondary gain that I didn’t expect. By moving through the process of creating my home-based company, I revived my spirit.

Divorce comes with a lot of negativity, least of which is to your ego. Essentially divorce means that your marriage has failed. If the marriage fails, aren’t you a failure too? I didn’t ask for my marriage to end, but it ended nonetheless. When the marriage was over, I was left with a lingering sense of helplessness and hopelessness that affected my esteem. Creating a successful on-line business from home rebuilt that esteem and healed me from the inside out.

Now I encourage men and women who share a similar sense of worthlessness to dare to dream and rise from the ashes. I see the hope return to men and women who started off feeling like life had ended and see the pride swell within them as they explore their interest and talents and find a way to capitalize on them.

One woman I know, used her love for cooking to start blogging and before long, she was making money with her cookbooks. Another took her love for party planning and found an untapped niche to market event planning to. When these women merged and passion and a gift of talent together, they found the strength within themselves that the transferred to the other aspects of their lives. They became more capable and confident with their home lives, social lives and were able to shed the negativity that the failed marriage had created. They literally healed faster than other men and women I have worked with who didn’t pursue a passion.

Working from home has been one of the hardest things I have ever done and I have loved every single minute of it. Finding a way to shift my focus from the pain of loss to the thrill of gain has made me a better mom, ex wife and overall community member. What’s more, my healed psyche made me a better woman and ultimately that led to meeting men who shared my same values and sense of mental health. Before long, I had left the anguish of my divorce behind me and have been able to help America change the way they experience divorce.

About the author: Faydra Koenig, MA is a mental health professional, author, speaker, podcaster and certified life coach. She works with men and women to help them avoid the pitfalls of divorce and get the lives they deserve. You can find Faydra’s podcast, Coming Out Of The Fire, on iTunes. Find her on the web at America’s Divorce Coach and look for her books on Amazon. She is a weekly newspaper columnist for her hometown news paper, the Red Bluff Daily News where she inspires her audience to make lasting changes in their lives.

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