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About Leslie Truex

First posted online January 1998, Work-At-Home Success was designed to provide free information on all aspects of working at home including starting a home business, telecommuting, and avoiding scams. The idea for the site came when the founder, Leslie Truex was discouraged that more details about how to work at home couldn’t be found. “Success stories always started with the person being in debt, coming up with a great work-at-home idea, and then they weren’t in debt. But what exactly did they do to get from debt to no debt? What actions did they take? What did they say and to whom? The details on how to find a way to work at home seemed to be one of life’s great mysteries.”

Through trial and error, Leslie Truex discovered the secrets to working at home. She has diverse work-at-home experience which she uses to help others navigate the challenges of trying to work at home. She worked from home in business-to-business sales and in real estate. She has telecommuted as a social worker for schools and adoption agencies. She has earned income online freelancing, as well as through affiliate programs. She has created information products related to work-at-home jobs, blogging, and more. She also built a business through a home-based business opportunity.

Leslie is successful working at home today, but during her journey to work-at-home success she fell victim to scams as well. “My story is not much different from anyone else’s really. I lost money to scams such as envelop stuffing and tracing programs. I bought into a business opportunity that went bankrupt weeks after I got my kit. I attempted several network marketing businesses at which I failed (me, not the company), and so on.”

It was through persistence, determination, and self-education regarding telecommuting and home businesses, that Leslie was able to finally achieve her goal. “As the Internet has grown, it has become easier to find ways to earn income online. At the same time, it’s also harder because it’s difficult to evaluate many of the programs. The number of people losing money to scams or misleading programs is increasing all the time.” It was for this reason that Leslie created Work-At-Home Success. “I wanted to educate and inform people based on true life experience.”

Today, Leslie still works at home as an online entrepreneur, writer and speaker. She runs several of her own websites generating income from affiliate programs and ad sales. Her book The Work-At-Home Success Bible was published in February 2009 by Adams Media.

Leslie remains committed to Work-At-Home Success and to providing as much information and resources to anyone who wants to work at home for free. “I believe anyone can work at home, but its not something that will come easy. Sometimes I think people suspect that I and other work-at-home “experts” are hiding the list of work-at-home typing jobs. The truth is, there is no “sign-up work-at-home doing menial work” program. Anyone looking for fast or easy is not likely to find success at home. Working at home isn’t necessarily hard, but it is work. The information needed for you to work at home is listed on this site. With effort and commitment, I believe anyone can become a Work-At-Home Success!”

About Work-At-Home Success

Work-At-Home Success was one of the first work-at-home websites on the Internet particularly in the area of telecommuting. “Work At Home Success was one of the first sites to post legitimate work-at-home jobs. Back then it was hard to find telecommuting jobs online, and I posted only one per week. Today I can find 100’s in a single sitting and I hand-select 40 for the site and 30 for the newsletter per week.”

Since its first posting in January 1998, the site has been regularly updated and revamped with the goal of providing the latest news, tips and techniques and ideas on working at home. “Technology has made working at home easier than ever. My goal is to stay on top of all the latest trends so that anyone who truly wants to work at home can.”

There are 1000’s of work-at-home websites on the internet. What makes Work-At-Home Success unique is that the website itself is NOT how Leslie Truex earns her main income. “Many work-at-home websites on the Internet are run by people who don’t have previous experience working at home. They provide generic information about working at home and use affiliate programs to earn income. This is not necessarily bad, but they don’t have the experience from which to provide detailed information to their visitors. I believe this can make a difference in the quality of information. How can they truly answer questions about telecommuting if they haven’t telecommuted?”

Work-At-Home Success Mission Statement

Work-At-Home Success strives to provide practical information and resources to anyone wanting to work from home.

Other Sites Owned by Leslie Truex

Every now and then someone copies or uses content including text, logos and my likeness on their own websites without permission. This is an infringement of my copyright and when I find out I do respond. Here are the list of sites that I own and are allowed to use my content or likeness.

Work-At Home Success

Work-At-Home Success Bible

Leslie Truex

Jobs Online Toolkit

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2 Responses to About

  1. Kim adams says:

    Hi Leslie,

    I had signed up for your class on tues night,but could only stay to listen for 1/2 of it. You had mentioned that they were going to record it. Did that occur? I would really like to hear the rest of the class so if you have any information where I can hear the recording I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you,
    Kim adams

  2. LTruex says:

    Hi Kim, I haven’t heard back from Global Teleclass. I’ll check to see what’s up. I do the teleclass several times a year, so if I can’t get the recording, there will be another opportunity to hear it. Also, if you become a fan of WAHS at Facebook, I’m giving away a free copy of Online Job Resources, which has some of the same info plus a list of 400 companies that frequently hire. Every fan will be getting one when the page gets 1000 fans:)

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