6 Ways to Work-At-Home with Amazon.com


Many people fuss about Amazon, but you can’t deny that for regular folk who want to make some extra money or a full-time income, Amazon has been a God-send. A one-person business can have products in the largest online retail store. A person needing a home-based job can provide customer service or do freelance tasks. An author whose book doesn’t quite fit the mold publishers want, can publish it and have it available through Amazon’s massive bookstore. And the opportunities that Amazon continues to offer people who want to work from home continues to grow. Here are six ways you can make money with Amazon.com.

1. Customer Service Jobs

Amazon.com hires customer service and tech support agents to work from home. These jobs vary from full-time regular to part-time seasonal. Some require fluency in a second language. Amazon starting pay for customer support is $10, but some positions allow for increases up to $12 after a four-week training.

Visit Amazon to see what remote jobs are available now.

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2. Mechanical Turk

For flexibility and diversity of work, Mechanical Turk is a great option. Mechanical Turk is a microwork site that links people who need tasks done with workers who’ll do them. Most of the tasks are one-offs instead of regular work. But there are tons of tasks to choose from, which allows you to work how much you want and have some control over what you earn. While most tasks don’t pay a whole lot, they don’t tend to take much time either. Further, you can search for higher paying tasks. Jobs include data collection, research, translation, transcription and more. The jobs provide a per/minute rate with a guestimate of the amount of time the job will take. Most successful Mechanical Turk workers seek to take work that pays at least 10 cents a minute ($6.00/hour).

Visit Mechanical Turk to get started.

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3. Amazon Associates Program

Like ebooks and Kindle, Amazon was also a pioneer in affiliate marketing. As a fledgling online book seller, Jeff Bezos didn’t have the marketing budget to promote Amazon. But he knew that people talked about books, and decided to reward readers who referred book buyers to him. It was a genius move because it didn’t cost him anything upfront. He paid for referrals after the sale was made. Today, thousands of businesses use the affiliate model to recruit people willing to refer others to their products (hint…it’s how most bloggers make money). The good news about Amazon, is that you’re no longer limited to promoting books. In fact, you’re more likely to make significant income by not bothering with the books and instead by promoting bigger ticket items. Percentage commission is fairly low to begin with, but you can increase that through sales. When you consider how many people shop on Amazon everyday, it’s a no-brainer to want to participate in what it has to offer.

The best way to make money through Amazon is through blogging. If you have a photography blog, you can promote cameras and related equipment on your blog. Do you have a cake baking blog, promote baking wear.

Visit Amazon Associates to join.

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4. Fulfillment by Amazon

Amazon has allowed regular folk to sell their new or used stuff through it’s store for a long time. There were a few months over the years that I made much needed extra money by selling my used books on Amazon. You can still sell your items in this way through Amazon, but if you’re looking to make more money selling goods, consider Amazon’s fulfillment program. Instead of packing up and shipping each item that sells, you can send all your stuff to Amazon, and it will pack and ship it to the customer when it sells.

There are two basic ways to use Fulfillment by Amazon. One is by selling your own goods. This can be done by your creating them or by having a manufacturer create them. You send them to Amazon, which will sell and deliver them to the customer. The other option is to find products you can buy at low cost, and sell them on Amazon, called retail arbitrage.

Check out this article here at WAHS for more information on starting a Fulfillment by Amazon business.

Visit Amazon.com to sign up for the fulfillment program.

5. Merch by Amazon

The newest addition to the Amazon retail world is Merch by Amazon. Originally designed to help game and app developers create t-shirts to promote their product, many others saw the potential and joined in too. The only problem is that so many wanted in, that Amazon struggled to keep up with fulfillment. As a result, you have to request an invitation to join. Even so, if you have a t-shirt you’ve created, or an idea you’d like to create, it might be worth checking out. There are many other places you can create and sell t-shirts for profit, but Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, so having your t-shirt for sale there couldn’t hurt. Plus, since most these places aren’t exclusive, there’s no reason not to have your t-shirt in as many places as possible.

Visit Merch by Amazon for more information. 

6. Book Publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing and/or Createspace

Whether you have a fiction novel or how-to guide or a book of poetry, you can publish your works and sell it in the number one online book store. Publishing your book through Kindle Direct Publishing (ebooks) or Createspace (print) is free, unless you want to take advantage of any of the paid services offered to help you. In Kindle, you have the option to choose 30 or 70% royalty option, and you book can be made available worldwide. Through Createspace, your print book is available as print-on-demand (POD). Your per book income is determined by your price minus the cost to product the book.

Making money through authorship is the most challenging of the options on this list, but it’s also a lot of fun. The key is to find your readers and let them know about your book (marketing!!) Further, if you’re a coach or speaker, having a book on Amazon can be a marketing tool for your business, as well as building your authority.

Visit Kindle Direct Publishing to learn more about publishing ebook.

Visit Createspace to learn more about publishing print books (or DVDs, CDs)

To learn more about making money publishing books, check out Digital Writer Success: How to Make a Living Blogging, Freelance Writing, and Publishing Online.

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